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Started by Geniraul
Geniraul Rep. 1365
#1   29 Nov 2023
As someone who highly appreciates both custom Q3 levels and music, I'm wondering what additional maps actually have new music playing. I know and remember several such maps, namely the following:

A nice and mysterious melody that harmonizes with the level's atmosphere very well.
Unreal's music that serves as the cherry on the cake for this map.
Spooky ambient :}
Blurry glory ;)
Beautiful East motives.
Heavy Metal Town. Party people, wake up C:
Hip-Hop town :] Which old school instrumental is your favorite?
Shooba-dooba, Swing! :]
They're bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, pouncy
Fun, fun, fun, fun, fun
But the most wonderful thing about Tiggers
Is I'm the only one!

A brilliant composition representing the logical end in a sombre world.
Party people never sleep! Hey!
A little bit of EDM.
  • AAWY by Shadowland2000
Church choir.
  • Q3X by D-Bone_[HAGG]
Choirch chur.

MOISTBOIL and SERIOUS_WOHNUNG by @ZaRR used to play some music, too. I know of a couple of other releases with custom .wavs, and that are not on ..::LvL, yet.

Are you familiar with any other maps like the aforementioned?

leilei Rep. 413
#2   29 Nov 2023
I like 2000's output and that's also when packing in WAV loops were a hot button issue for bandwidth wasting/dial-up stallingwith regard to some reviews, so here's some that are potentially brushed off for their bloat (especially when fileplanet's fake wait times were already long enough).

and this one is an obvious shameless plug

Anything else with music out that year were likely Weapons Factory Arena maps where there'd be some loud loop in the ready room you'll have to endure during warmup.
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Tig Rep. 1612
#3   29 Nov 2023
How things have changed over the years!

Absolutely agree with leilei - Including a music file that doubles the download size (or more in some cases) was once seen as a burden for a lot of people. Today, an extra 6MB for something that is only heard if you have s_musicvolume > 0 - who cares!

@Geniraul (and others) - I've added a Custom music tag for the Other section in the Overview. Please feel more than welcome to tag maps with this.

Geniraul Rep. 1365
#4   30 Nov 2023
Sure, the downloading time and speed have improved a lot over the past couple of decades. This is another reason for me to hope that more authors will use some custom music in their future releases :)

@leilei Thanks for the list, looks like I forgot some of the ones I've already seen, I'll definitely check out the rest!

@Tig Thanks for the tag, I'll be sure to tag a map like this when I interact with it :)

Geniraul Rep. 1365
#5   01 Dec 2023
In fact, the alternative version of Cardigan's ESTATICA also has a music file included.
Geniraul Rep. 1365
#6   05 Dec 2023
I should've loaded this map instead of liveviewing it — ZASTAVKA by @Maxell also has some custom music!
Geniraul Rep. 1365
#7   06 Dec 2023
Just found out about another map like this, which is Exit the proFa[tory by @the_nookie , a remake of exit the Fa[tory, also by @the_nookie . The music soundtrack is Adrenaline by none other than Sonic Mayhem. The instrumental itself contains a sound of someone picking up Quad Damage, and as this map also has a quad, it can confuse me sometimes :D Although the issue I had is that the track only played once, maybe because it goes with a separate file and thus doesn't loop?
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Geniraul Rep. 1365
#8   15 Dec 2023
Two even more releases that feature custom music, but unfortunately both maps have it placed to the SFX section, so it cannot be turned off separately:

SERIOUS_WOHNUNG by @ZaRR used to play some music, too.

To be honest, I'm not sure about SERIOUS_WOHNUNG anymore, I might have confused it with 2MYHOUSE.

EDIT: Another one is SUBAIR by @DaEngineer (I could've remembered this level as well).
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Geniraul Rep. 1365
#9   02 Jan 2024
Two more releases that came to my mind are ZIH_GAJ by Zihaben & Yan Zaraki and ZIH_ROOF by Zihaben & Alex Vishnevsky. In fact, I'm not a fan of these releases at all, however I think it is important to document history.
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richoi Rep. 70
#10   02 Jan 2024
@Geniraul: zih_roof is a most fav map for my brother and i ;-)
Geniraul Rep. 1365
#11   22 Jan 2024
4 minute soundtrack is not something you can hear often on a Q3 map ;) However, it is exactly what the special verison of URANUS by @wakey offers you.
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Geniraul Rep. 1365
#12   6 days ago
HAUNTED by @InsaneKid plays for you an excerpt from Ludwig van Beethoven's great Piano Sonata № 14 (! It is truly wonderful to hear a classical composition on a Quake 3 map!

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