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The following is a list of common, popular, standalone games or in some way interesting Q3A mods or Q3A engine based games in alphabetical order. If a mod or game has an official site, the title will link out to it otherwise a ..::LvL download option is being offered.

Most, but not all of the mods will require the Quake 3 Arena 1.32 Point Release and version 1.32c of the game engine (full download for Linux, Windows or Mac) or the ioquake3 engine. If you are having an issue, be sure to check these first.

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Type: Gameplay, Mod

A simple mod that lets you hold two weapons at once - either two of the same weapon or two different weapons at the same time, which can be fired separately or together. (Reviewed)

Alliance CTF
Type: Gameplay, Teams, Mod

A highly professional mod that adds a lot of interesting game play focused features to CTF matches.

Alternate Fire v2.0
Type: Gameplay, Mod

Every weapon has a unique secondary attack. Every ammo box, if damaged enough, will explode - and there is more.

..::LvL download

BFG10K Arena
Type: Gameplay, Mod

Replaces the Quake 3 BFG with the slow-firing, but devastating BFG10K from Quake 2. Can use the Quake 2 BFG on any map.

..::LvL download

Catch the Chicken
Type: Gameplay, Mod

Grab the chicken that wanders around the arena and hold onto it for as long as possible to score points.

..::LvL download

Challenge ProMode Arena (CPMA)
Type: Gameplay, Mod

A modification for Quake 3 Arena that focuses on competitive gameplay.

CorkScrew Mod v2.16
Type: Gameplay, Mod

An instagib mod that adjusts your game to suit instagib perfectly.

..::LvL download

Type: Gameplay, Singleplay, Mod

Dedicated to player movements. Aims at providing a platform for self-training, competition, online tricking, machinima making and trickjumping.

..::LvL download

Type: Single player, Mod

A true single player experience. More akin to the single player games of Quake or Quake 2 than Quake 3's own single player bot matches.

Eternal Arena
Type: Enhancement, Interface, Gameplay

Adds a host of new game types and many other ways to modify gameplay

..::LvL download

Excessive Plus
Type: Enhancement, Gamemplay

The whole mod is based on a scripting engine which can be used to create your very own settings. It is fully customizable with tons of options.

Generations Arena
Type: Gameplay, Mod

Choose among 5 different classes based on classic id Software IPs, with different weapons, physics, HUDs, etc. for each class. One of the older Quake 3 mods to still be in active development.

HeadHunters 3
Type: Gameplay, Mod

Described as an FFA version of Harvester. Quite popular back in the day but now known for the excellent custom textures used in numerous Q3 maps

..::LvL download

Hellfire Arena 1.2
Type: Enhancement, Interface, Gameplay, Mod

This mod has many features that are derived from many different modifications compiled into one. Way too many to list here.

..::LvL download

High Quality Quake (HQQ)
Type: Enhancement, Textures

You want to play Quake III in full HD? Then you're in the right place.

High-Resolution Textures
Type: Enhancement, Textures

This package is from the artist Paul Marshall (aka Kpax). It replaces the textures from Quake 3 with new high-resolution textures.

Type: Enhancement, Game engine, Standalone

A free software first person shooter engine based on the Quake 3: Arena and Quake 3: Team Arena source code.

Jailbreak: Prisoners of War 2.0
Type: Gameplay, Mod, Teams

Teamplay modification for Quake III Arena in which your objective is to send all of the players on the opposing team to jail.

..::LvL download

Lego Carnage Pro
Type: Enhancement, Models, Mod

A graphic modification for Quake 3 Arena, based on the lego project started with the Legoman model released in 2002.

Loki's Revenge CTF
Type: Gameplay, Mod, Teams

An offhand Grapple All-Weapons Capture The Flag modification for Quake III Arena made as a tribute to the immensely popular Quake 2 CTF mod Loki's Minions Capture The Flag.

Mr. Pants' Excessive Overkill
Type: Enhancement, Server-side

Server-side only mod, so if you only want to play on Excessive servers, you do not need to install this. If you plan on running an Excessive server, or want to play Excessive single-player then this is for you.

Type: Standalone

A Free Content project. Its goal is to create new, original media while providing a stand-alone multiplayer game in the process.

OSP Tourney Q3A
Type: Gameplay, Mod

Designed to facilitate competitive, yet flexible, match play. This mod simply makes it easier and more convenient for players and admins alike to ehance the Quake3 experience.

Type: Single Player, Mod

An old single player based mod for Quake 3. It was never finished and so the experience is consequently very short-lived, but the ideas are interesting.

PainKeep Arena
Type: Gameplay, Mod

We at Team Evolve believe that PainKeep Arena is what DeathMatch should be - Fast, Brutal, and Fun with an incredible assortment of bizarre and lethal weapons.

ProBall (beta)
Type: Gameplay, Mod

Football/basketball mod for Q3, can be loads of fun and a tournament was once played in QuakeCon

..::LvL download

Q3 Fortress
Type: Gameplay, Mod, Teams

A class-based game, based on the original TF for Quake, allowing you to play the role of one of ten character classes.

Q3 Gridiron
Type: Gameplay, Mod, Teams

A modification that plays very similarly to a game of football. That is, football with rocket launchers!

Q3 Pong Arena
Type: Gameplay, Mod, Teams

Pitting two teams(red/blue) against each other, the focus is to get the ball(s) into the enemy goal.

..::LvL download

Type: Gameplay, Mod

The only way to score frags is by pushing your enemies into the void of space or lava via weapon knockback.

Type: Standalone

It's damn fast, baby - Standalone car driving and combat conversion.

Rocket Arena 3
Type: Gameplay, Mod

Put two players in an arena. Give them full weapons and ammo. See who is left standing while everyone else watches.

..::LvL download

Smokin' Guns
Type: Standalone

Wild West meets Quake 3.

SpiterBot 0.52 Full
Type: Enhancement, Bot

A duel bot modification for Quake III Arena. Bot have a highly advanced gameplay and unique AI kind of thing.

..::LvL download

Tanks and Rogues
Type: Gameplay, Teams, Server-side

A server-side team-based mod involving tight, coordinated teamplay between two classes; a slow but bulky "tank" class and a weak but fast "rogue" class.

Type: Gameplay, Mod

Essentially turns Quake 3 into a side-scrolling 2.5d shooter, while maintaining most of the familiar arena FPS mechanics.

..::LvL download

Type: Gameplay, Mod, Teams

The popular CaptureStrike mode originates from this mod, as well as a "Classic CTF" mode that replicates the mechanics of Quake and Quake 2 CTF, One Flag CTF, and various competitive CTF features.

Uber Arena
Type: Gameplay, Mod

A mod that takes the standard gameplay of Quake 3 and attempts to build upon and revitalize it with new gameplay mechanics and items.

Ultra Freeze Tag
Type: Gameplay, Mod, Teams

Freeze instead of Frag the opposing team. Once you have a whole team frozen at the same time, your team gets a point.

..::LvL download

Urban Terror
Type: Standalone

Described as a Hollywood tactical shooter; somewhat realism based, but the motto is "fun over realism".

Weapons Factory Arena (WFA)
Type: Gameplay, Mod, Teams

An adrenaline pumping, multi-class, capture-the-flag first person shooter mod for Quake III.

ZTM's Flexible HUD
Type: Enhancement, Interface

Based on the ioquake3 mod code. The default changes are that the HUD will be aspect correct and the Quake 3 start server menu will display 8 maps instead of 4.

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