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..::LvL started life right at the end of 1999 as a hosted site on the now terminated PlanetQuake.

We (Mand0g and Tig) shifted the site to our own server in 2001 and have been paying the servers cost ever since.

If you donate, 100% of the money we receive will be put towards future server cost. You will be directly helping ..::LvL stay online.

Donate via PayPal.

Alternatively, you can get in touch to organise another option that suits you better.

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$150+ donations

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Joel Baxter (monthly donator)

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John Palys
Kristian Duske

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Matrix101 (monthly donator)
Anibal Carvalho
Dr. Jive
Hubert Świtek
Respawn Games
Torbjoern Dahle

$1 to $20
Tomasz Maciąg
Mark Stent
Mike Cody
Les Miskin
Calvin Martinez
Tim Schäfer