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If you feel you have the skills to write a level review, check out how to write and submit a review then download a level from the list and send in your review. The only restriction is a level author can not review their own map.

scorn-acidburn - 14.55MB
93 days,   readme
scorn-toxicmetal - 3.14MB
90 days,   readme
ep_dissent - 28.98MB
46 days,   readme
dungeon_hunters - 18.39MB
36 days,   readme

Review submitted

aty3dm5v2 - 10.22MB
185 days,   readme
colvms - 5.3MB
138 days,   readme
egyziana - 9.36MB
112 days,   readme
serious_wohnung - 8.98MB
111 days,   readme
scorn-bloodstone - 5.58MB
95 days,   readme
scorn-rustarium - 22.85MB
90 days,   readme
q3d1hangar - 10.41MB
16 days,   readme