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EmeraldTigerLast post by EmeraldTiger
If any Q3 mappers are interested I set up a "mapjam"-like event for Uber Arena maps over on Quake3World, focused on taking advantage of the trampoline mechanic. It's more of an experiment and I'm not expecting a lot of entries (if any), but I figured it couldn't hurt to try. Details here: https://www.quake3world.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=53972
Neon_KnightLast post by Neon_Knight
@Martinus, we already have 13 gametypes to choose from: 0.8.8 has the ones from Q3A and TA plus Elimination (Clan Arena), CTF Elimination (Clan Arena with flags), Last Man Standing, Double Domination (yep, the one from UT200X), Single Domination (the one from UT99) and OA3 will also add Possession from Q3 Revolution (basically keep the flag for the longest time as possible), remade from scratch.
FistMarineLast post by FistMarine
My bad Colton, I didn't know you requested this. Anyway I could try to make some patches myself and submit here because there are some issues I noticed with some maps.
ObsessedLast post by Obsessed
Tig, mm, that's much better! =D P.S. try to find time to post submitted/reviewed maps too, please! ;D
girughiLast post by girughi
Martinus,Tanks ;)
ChomenorLast post by Chomenor
The server command seems strange because q3dmp15 appears to be a map, not a mod. Mods can be loaded by setting fs_game like that, but maps are typically loaded by just placing the pk3 in baseq3 and using the map command. So a typical command to start the server with that map initially would be "./ioq3ded.x86_64 +map q3dmp15".
leileiLast post by leilei
Simple answer for that: Doom is not creatively exhausted.
myleg123Last post by myleg123
Hmmm... I also tried adding 15 bots to FFA mode using random selection, and I get the error: "Client 15 is not connected" and only 1 of the bots don't load in. When I tried loading 15 bots by hand-picking, I get NO error, and only 2 of the 15 bots spawn in. The 2 bots that spawn in out of the 15 I set to spawn are random, it changes every time. Here is the log: logfile opened on Wed Jul 11 13:11:47 2018 Unknown command "g_needpass^7" Unknown command "pmove_fixed^7" Unknown command "pmove_msec^7" Unknown command "g_smoothClients^7" Unknown command "g_synchronousClients^7" Unknown command "g_knockback^7" Unknown command "g_quadfactor^7" ------ Server Initialization ------ Server: 13base RE_Shutdown(
TigLast post by Tig
Before loading the map, type "\logfile 2" in the console. When the map crashes, have a look at "qconsole.log" in the baseq3 directory and see if that points to what the error could be.
ObsessedLast post by Obsessed
nice map! =) https://lvlworld.com/review/id:453
TigLast post by Tig
If that is the case, I would recommend a back up as soon as possible followed by a drive scan for bad sectors.
EmeraldTigerLast post by EmeraldTiger
Well, I managed to generate .qvm files after all. Turns out leaving the batch files unmodified and putting lcc.exe in the vm folder actually made it work for me. Not sure why, but at least I got that out of the way. Though I now have a new issue - even though I successfully managed to create the required .vm files, my mod still acts like vanilla Quake 3. I put the vm files in a vm folder inside the actual mod folder, and also put a vm folder in the .pk3 with the vm files (like most mods do), and the game claims to load them going by what the console says, but it doesn't recognize any of my changes. I have vm_ui, vm_game, and vm_cgame set to 2 (I also tried 1 and that doesn't appear to change it) in the mod's
rOxXzLast post by rOxXz
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