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leileiLast post by leilei
It's still in development, but a little complciated to explain: - The data (media etc) is undergoing a rather closed-dev reboot with only one contributor (myself) doing the bulk of it. because online version control is a pain in the butt for artistic productivity time. - The code is being actively developed publicly on GitHub. Nightly builds of the engine/gamecode have recently become available Personally I don't think Payload can work due to the fast player movement and lack of class-based play to give it the rockpaperscissors formula that would make sense for a defense-based gametype...
FistMarineLast post by FistMarine
My bad Colton, I didn't know you requested this. Anyway I could try to make some patches myself and submit here because there are some issues I noticed with some maps.
Neon_KnightLast post by Neon_Knight
Thanks for that link! It's very useful.
TetzlaffLast post by Tetzlaff
You're welcome. I'll post here when I find more.
25 days ago
TigLast post by Tig
Technically, you can edit the entities within the BSP in a few ways, is that what you are trying to do?
17 Aug 2017
cz1psuLast post by cz1psu
Ok thanks a lot mates! :)
RappioLast post by Rappio
First of all i want to thank: UrT forum: BladeKiller (noticing about notepad++ path thing checking) LVL world forum: leilei (telling that path is missing) This issue was posted on following forums: http://www.urbanterror.info/forums/topic/35004-fence-md3-model-and-no-texture-issue/ https://lvlworld.com/thread/308/2/Need%20help%20with%20fence%20md3%20model%20that%20has%20texture%20issues#r2 Solution process: Seeked solution to fix path and finded these http://www.misfitcode.com/misfitmodel3d/olh_quakemd3.html and https://sourceforge.net/p/misfitmodel3d/bugs/21/ Final guide to fix: -Open model in Misfit Model 3D - Click "Model" in toolbar - Click "Edit model meta data" - Add models/mapobjects/y
JadLast post by Jad
Hi Takkie, I hope you're still around. I just installed both your mods on my MacBook Pro. This is a great flashback for me as q3a was and still is one of my favourite games. Especially the instagib mod. I got the normal mod going but your instagib mod for Team Arena crashes the game and puts me back to the desktop. Do you have any ideas why this might be? Also, if you know any good instagib map packs let me know. I want to get back into it. 8)
01 Jul 2017
MartinusLast post by Martinus
I'm glad I could help.
TigLast post by Tig
Amazing Quake 1 single player stuff. Be sure to read before downloading: http://www.celephais.net/board/view_thread.php?id=61462 And some screenshots: http://www.simonoc.com/files/ad/ad_sepulcher1a.jpg http://www.simonoc.com/files/ad/ad_sepulcher1b.jpg http://www.simonoc.com/files/ad/ad_sepulcher1c.jpg
GameOverROLast post by GameOverRO
Thank you CZghost, I have the Q3 1.16 version and found all the NoGhost setup files needed to setup a server for NoGhost (on noghost.net), I wiil give a try and return with an answer if I have succeeded.
KommissarReb (SW12)Last post by KommissarReb (SW12)
Could you give us other details about the map? Could you go outdoors, what color the skybox was, and the kind of textures the map used?
17 May 2017
TigLast post by Tig
10-20 On my way is an App for Android and iOS designed for people that want meet up at an event. Mand0g and I have been working on this for a little while and have just released it. More details here: https://1020.lvlworld.com/ and for people with Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/1020.on.my.way/ For a short time (until 24th May, Australia) there is a "beta unlock" code available. Details are on the Facebook page but happy to share the unlock key here if someone asks for it.
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