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richoiLast post by richoi
thank you ET (EmeraldTiger) :-) just looked at briefly. so far, liking the indicator numbers in the weapon selection bar; the toxic rail gunner glow is nice as are the additional 2 maps. one note, in the 2 new added maps, i played with 2 bots, sometimes bot skins turn very dark - black, is that a normal effect? 20 years for Q3 and still enjoying.
Neon_KnightLast post by Neon_Knight
@Martinus, we already have 13 gametypes to choose from: 0.8.8 has the ones from Q3A and TA plus Elimination (Clan Arena), CTF Elimination (Clan Arena with flags), Last Man Standing, Double Domination (yep, the one from UT200X), Single Domination (the one from UT99) and OA3 will also add Possession from Q3 Revolution (basically keep the flag for the longest time as possible), remade from scratch.
FistMarineLast post by FistMarine
My bad Colton, I didn't know you requested this. Anyway I could try to make some patches myself and submit here because there are some issues I noticed with some maps.
SexyChuckyLast post by SexyChucky
Acept Jesus lol
SexyChuckyLast post by SexyChucky
anyone have a skin from Chucky?
KommissarReb (SW12)Last post by KommissarReb (SW12)
New problem: The map will crash if I don't have an info_player_deathmatch or info_player_deathmatch, but having them in the map causes players to only respawn there instead of all the other spawnpoints. What do I do to make it so they spawn at the other places instead?
18 Nov 2018
MartinusLast post by Martinus
in game, bring down the console by pressing the ~ button (or shift+esc if you're using IoQuake) then type this: /com_hunkmegs 256 and press enter This should fix this error.
myleg123Last post by myleg123
I suppose this is technically solution, but not the one I'm looking for. I remember cg_shadows "2" looking better than this, and I also play in first person. I looked on the ioquake3 github page for opengl2, and at the bottom, it said that cg_shadow had "broken bits". So does this mean that setting it to "2" won't work no matter what?
gooballLast post by gooball
Ah yes, the review page is much better now. I was starting to miss those links at the top of each map page. That pop-up menu button at the bottom was cool, but I think that really works better for mobile users. I'm glad there are both options now. Keep it up Tig!
KommissarReb (SW12)Last post by KommissarReb (SW12)
Well, thanks for clearing that up. Worldspawn had me going there, as they didn't specify that they were talking about deFrag. But even without I could make do with specific target_position entities instead for what I'm trying to do.
ObsessedLast post by Obsessed
I always need some inspiration. if it's not mine - how can I do something cool?.. :-) and if someone is a professional, hwo can do this easily, he just has a lot of work, making something modern and paid.
eldewritoLast post by eldewrito
thank you
ObsessedLast post by Obsessed
the "button menu" system in the bottom right. Tig, Yes, this is the style you've applied before, but returned back the old "text menu" sections. This is not a real problem. I'm just used to the old design. :-)
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