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CZghostLast post by CZghost
Thank you for publishing :)
CZghostLast post by CZghost
Also, it was only to launch bspc and put it in pk3 :D
TigLast post by Tig
I know a few people that visit ..::LvL like single player maps so I thought I might let people know about "Jump" - http://www.celephais.net/board/view_thread.php?id=61378 I have nothing to do with the map or the author. I just think it is pretty cool that people are making great stuff for old game engines for others to play :]
CZghostLast post by CZghost
But you have to have older OpenGL in order to get it working. RTCW use the same OpenGL driver as Quake3, and it does not work on my Windows 10 laptop with AMD Radeon graphics card. So won't Quake3. Make sure you have your OpenGL backup if you want to experiment with OpenGL subsystem.
FistMarineLast post by FistMarine
Thanks Tig!
KommissarReb (SW12)Last post by KommissarReb (SW12)
Ah, he did change his name. I thought that he had his account deleted when I couldn't find a certain comment of his I remembered: http://lvlworld.com/comments/id:2174#n29892
Neon_KnightLast post by Neon_Knight
About #10 I was talking mostly about the game objectives, such as flags and obelisks (both team and neutral) and in OA's case also Domination CPs, which should be easily reachable by everyone. Though "lesser" game items such as health, armor, weapons and ammo also fit in that consideration.
I_like_quakeLast post by I_like_quake
Really late but this is the first Im hearing of this. I was really surprised by this. I expected it to be a walk in the park but it was kinda challenging. Just wish there werent so many rockets and cells scattered everywhere.
CZghostLast post by CZghost
Okay :)
TigLast post by Tig
You (or anyone else) are more than welcome to create any web site you like. I hardly have enough free time to manage this one with a focus on just Quake 3 :] For most "cool" game based news I suggest you follow few of the forums. func_msgboard - http://www.celephais.net/board/ - is my personal favorite as it is not just limited to a single engine but does have a focus on the original Quake. There are other sites too. Some of which steal content from ..::LvL, so I'm not naming them.
MartinusLast post by Martinus
Thank you AKUTA.
07 Jul 2016
TigLast post by Tig
DNS caching is a huge issue however this should only be a very small number of people, if any now. Either way there is nothing I can do to help anyone with a DNS issue. Maybe I could advise them to use Googles DNS ( and - but that would be about it. What I am interested in are people with issues with the site, not DNS. I should have made that clearer.
CZghostLast post by CZghost
If you want to list your map in Worldspawn (ws.q3df.org), you will need to include also the author "your_nick" in the *.arena file code to specify the author of map. Worldspawn uses the *.arena file to identify the map name, longname, gametype and even author. Worldspawn is an automatic site which adds your map immediatelly after you send it in. It is good for DeFrAg map makers, who need to quickly release maps and want to get it to most people, who ever do not visit his sites or he doesn't have sites... It's an analogous to the quick-pace of the DeFrAg maps, which are designed in different way compared to Vanilla Q3. Also DeFrAg maps do not use *.arena file to define map's gametype and other properties includi
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