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KommissarReb (SW12)Last post by KommissarReb (SW12)
Could you give us other details about the map? Could you go outdoors, what color the skybox was, and the kind of textures the map used?
17 May 2017
TigLast post by Tig
10-20 On my way is an App for Android and iOS designed for people that want meet up at an event. Mand0g and I have been working on this for a little while and have just released it. More details here: https://1020.lvlworld.com/ and for people with Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/1020.on.my.way/ For a short time (until 24th May, Australia) there is a "beta unlock" code available. Details are on the Facebook page but happy to share the unlock key here if someone asks for it.
28 Apr 2017
CZghostLast post by CZghost
Oh, you mean poll. I was wondering about a pool (game or water tank used for swimming) and what it should do with maps :D I don't think so, but if you're brave enough, you can code one yourself :)
slylecocoLast post by slylecoco
Does anyone knows where i can DL cool alternative weapons for my Q3? Thx my Friends!
myleg123Last post by myleg123
I forgot to add this to this post, but the Spearmint engine has a limit to how many maps it can show. But I have found the true solution. I just disabled the "Pure Server" option in the Server tab. it would've helped if I actually checked the documents that were in the uie folder. Now there isn't an issue with the maplist anymore.
CZghostLast post by CZghost
Well, that's good for you :) I'll save that in my bookmarks when I would need some SSL/TLS certificate further. I just don't know if that works for free hosting on Endora - http://endora.cz/ - maybe I should ask first. I actually plan to move my sites to its own 2nd level domain (czghost.cz) and install dual language support for my sites (finally). With that move, I'd upgrade free hosting to paid for a small project and maybe add donation support (like you). But that's far away and I actually need to gain some money and get some well paid job first, to actually cover the expected bills for that upgrade. SSL certificate is supported on paid hosting variants (Plus and Mega), so maybe it's not neccessary to get
CZghostLast post by CZghost
Remakes are acceptable, if it fixes anything and completely reworks appearance. But it all depends if author will accept that, too. Remakers should always ask the owner. If no response (or contact unable = MAILER DAEMON returns back undelivered message), then owner is probably not interested in maps and mapping anymore (that's common with authors who did just one or two maps in between 1999 and 2001 and nothing more have appeared since then). But it doesn't automatically mean you're free to modify content. In fact, I keep trying to contact one Czech mapper, who did awesome School map, to send that map's source to me as I'd finish the map for him (make it playable with bots, fixing some errors, etc.) As for c
ChomenorLast post by Chomenor
I did post on the ioquake3 forums a while back. I haven't heard from any of the main ioquake3 developers, though. http://discourse.ioquake.org/t/new-filesystem-project/805
CZghostLast post by CZghost
Okay, thank you :) Will try to remember :D :D I have to actually take a look on whenever my exact debit card supports online payment (I don't think so), so maybe I'll buy the game after I get new debit card (my current one expires this year in Summer). Will see :) But now, the priority is to pass exams :D
CZghostLast post by CZghost
@DoubleDragon: That won't work. You can't change just the IBSP version without actually changing structure to match Quake Live's map format. Quake Live maps have additional lumps, that have to be included in the new format map, but hexaediting the IBSPv46 to IBSPv47 does not automatically create them. They have to be created by compiler. That way it's recommended to ALWAYS use q3map2 for such conversions. And of course you have to repair botfile to work with the new format (which is bspc's work)...
24 Dec 2016
CZghostLast post by CZghost
CZghost Rep: 1049 Wow, where did I receive such high amount of reputation? :D Unbeliveable :D Thank you :)
BurtonLast post by Burton
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CZghostLast post by CZghost
Thank you for publishing :)
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