In game Videos RoQ help!!
Started by Janet
Janet Rep. 370
#1   29 Sep 2021
I would really love to have movies in my custom maps in Team Arena
I can do animated texture scripts (I learned from Callisto's face script 🥰)
but I want to use animations with more than just the 7(8?) frame limit...
I tried Quake Video Maker but it doesn't work too well.. the videos textures are buggy.
The videos play without issue in the "Cinematics" menu but are broken in game 😭
I read that the .RoQ is just .avi renamed and if you rename .roq's to .avi they will play in windows media player.
If you do that in reverse, the video name will appear on the menu but don't show anything.
So I'm wondering which .avi codec might work and if I just rename the .avi to .roq???

Any help would be appreciated, thanks! 💖🚀

Tig Rep. 1234
#2   29 Sep 2021
A bit of the history of the RoQ format can be found here -

The size of the video needs to be a power of 2, for example a width and height like 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024, 2048...

The frame rate needs to be 30 fps.

ffmpeg - - can convert an existing video (of the right frame rate and size) with a command like:

ffmpeg -i Original.mp4 Q3HappyVid.roq

If your original is not a valid width and height or the frame rate is wrong, you could use something like:

ffmpeg -i Original.mp4 -r 30 -s 512x256 Q3HappyVid.roq

That will take a video of any size and frame rate and change it to a frame rate of 30 fps (-r 30) and resize to 512 wide by 256 high (-s 512x256).

Janet Rep. 370
#3   30 Sep 2021
OMG, you are the hero I needed! I tried ffmpeg and it actually worked very well!
The videos show up on the menu and in game now, and they play just fine 🥰
Thank you so much for the help, Tig! 💖 You are the best! 👍👍

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