Looking for a certain map
Started by Kotenok
Kotenok Rep. 0
#1   03 Dec 2023
Hello everyone, hope someone might remember map I am looking for.
It is a medium sized FFA map, a little smaller than Quake Live's Asylum. It is set in some sort of destroyed industrial or science facility, almost looks like a factory/proccessing site. Map is very bright, walls have cream or ivory color, and EVERYTHING in this map is covered in green lush overgrowth. One prominent detail I remember is that the one open large room had one-man glassed control cabin of some sort under the ceiling, you could jump or climb there to grab some powerup.
Tig Rep. 1612
#2   03 Dec 2023
@Kotenok : Base on the your description, the following maps come to mind. The one-man glassed control cabin, I can not remember at all :(

If it was a good map, I would suggest a checking over the Top Maps - lvlworld.com/topmaps
richoi Rep. 70
#3   04 Dec 2023
@Kotenok: possible(s) =
Quake Monkeys by Nathan Silvers [has tricky to get quad; open; foliage; & bright]
Nathan's other maps are open with foliage and are bright but don't recall any powerups:
r33t arena by Nathan Silvers & nakedape
Natestah's Beotch by Nathan Silvers
Geniraul Rep. 1365
#4   04 Dec 2023
@Kotenok To add my two cents, Quadwell by DaEngineer is a sunny map with walls of a lighter shade and is covered with green leafs. The level has the most realistic visuals I've ever seen on a Quake 3 map.
Kotenok Rep. 0
#5   04 Dec 2023
Thank you all for replies, but sadly none of these maps are what I am looking for. Will keep searching and let you know If I will find it.
KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2322
#6   6 days ago
Late post, but could it be The Soremill v2 (lvlworld.com/comments/id:1728) or a map by DaEngineer? lvlworld.com/author/DaEngineer

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