Quadwell by DaEngineer

Professional, high quality map with awesome visuals and gameplay. That could be the entire review.

It's 2022 and maps like this show just how solid and strong the Q3A engine really is. The rich visuals, detailed environment and fast gameplay are both contemporary and true to the original goals of Quake 3.

An array of paths, jumppads and teleports will move you from the ground floor to the rooftops of a human habit that has become chocked under nature. Jumppads and teleports keep all locations quickly accessible. Gameplay is smooth and fast.

The bots seem to miss the Quad and have only a minor issue near the Rail Gun and one of the central jumppad. These are so minor you may not even notice. Otherwise they navigate the entire level.

Download and enjoy this must play release.

Ranked: 4.7 out of 5 (5 votes)

Download: Quadwell by DaEngineer