Quadwell by DaEngineer
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Geniraul Rep. 1432
#10   15 Jun 2023
QUADWELL's visuals are simply outstanding! When I first launched the map, I genuinely could not believe that everything that was surrounding me truly was some space inside a Quake 3 level. 😆 I felt like every single object around me and all of them together were real life, or at least some kind of 360° photographic environment, just with the Q3 lighting for some reason 🤣 There are some maps that make you forget that you're finding yourself behind a monitor, using your PC and playing a video game. This one is definitely one of them. This is just how both realistic and picturesque this place is.

The level even features all the weapons and as it is quite large, this is certainly an advantage. However, I think there are still many ways the gameplay could be improved here, for instance by "unlocking" some of the invisible walls and making more areas available for walking, especially on the roofs. Although I am not sure whether it would cause any clipping or other issues from a technical standpoint.

Anyway, if I manage to complain enough about a map's gameplay, it normally means that its design, texturing and color palette should be of just the highest quality and almost photo-resembling for it to deserve a 5/5 from me. This level has the visuals not just similar, but appearing identical to reality... 🏞

Seriously, one even more great map @DaEngineer and as for this one, it is hard to believe that something like that is possible to construct in Quake III Arena! 5/5.

P. S. The work on lighting is also astounding, you can literally feel the sun shining on the upper floors and the lights on the lower ones. It is indeed recognizable for a quaker (or should I say q3uaker? C:), but in terms of the atmosphere, this map totally manages to complete the task of making it proper!

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Gelenkbusfahrer Rep. 182
#9   26 May 2022
My hardware is good enough to keep up 144fps (com_maxfps 144 synced display) at 2560x1440 on 99% of the maps with up to 32 players.
i get your point. But fact is, many (if not the majority) people playing QL in high quaility UHD and using green enemy colors. This might not be the case in Q3a, idk
People usually don't lower quality/resolution or enemy color for specific maps. They just don't play it.
We do play low FPS maps in QL, like Hipshots Rustgrad or Corrosion. But those maps both don't go below 90fps even with HQ and 2560x1440.

Me was talking about the QL version anyway.
When you look at the qlstats.net map stats since map release, you'll see like 80 FFA matches and 2 CA matches. I only pointed out the reasons why nobody play CA on it.
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DaEngineer Rep. 71
#8   26 May 2022
@Gelenkbusfahrer: I've updated the Quake Live version of this map several times to incorporate player feedback. The Q3 version uploaded here is older than the QL version and does not yet have these changes. I can't update the map manually here, so I'm waiting until I'm confident that the map won't need any more changes before I send an updated version to Tig.

I know that you're not fond of the foliage color due to the green brightskins, but I'm really happy with the map's colors and will not redesign the color palette.

For now you'll have to rely on ioquake3 or q3e for more fps in the Q3 version.

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Tig Rep. 1652
#7   25 May 2022
@Gelenkbusfahrer: Everyone has a different set-up, so I'm not sure what engine you are using or your video card, but with com_maxfps 200, I get a constant 200 FPS on Linux with the default two bots running.

I also do not force the enemy colour or skin, so again, no issue. Personally, I enjoy the visuals and the game play, at 200 FPS on this map.

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Gelenkbusfahrer Rep. 182
#6   24 May 2022
Absolutely gorgeous map to look at. It only makes me sad, that this release is unplayable and it doesn't look like, Viktor is willing to make something playable.
2 major flaws: 1. This map doesn't reach more than 60fps on average. 2. The green Ivy texture, which is exact the same neon green as most players have forced their enemy color.
Edited 3.05 minutes after the original posting.
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D-Meat unregistered
#5   18 Apr 2022
Really really cool looking map ! I love it, it really shows what you can do with idTech3 !
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gooball Rep. 1091
#4   14 Mar 2022
@Alex Try setting your com_hunkmegs to something higher, like 128 (/com_hunkmegs 128 in the console).

Edit: I would also recommend giving ioquake3 a try, it's essentially a modernized version of the Quake 3 engine that is less prone to these types of issues.
Edited 8.97 minutes after the original posting.

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Alex unregistered
#3   14 Mar 2022
Z_Malloc: failed on allocation of 16777240 bytes from the main zone
3 different installation q3 (Win 10 pro, Core i5 9600k, 16 G RAM, RTX2060 super).
How to resolve?
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Eraesr Rep. 390
#2   24 Feb 2022
Absolutely beautiful map. Definitely a benchmark release. Congrats to DaEngineer for delivering something this incredible.
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gooball Rep. 1091
#1   14 Feb 2022
Hard to believe this is even Quake 3... It plays well too, though half the time I was just mulling over the visuals :)

Side note: It's very tricky to get foliage looking good in older game engines (mainly due to lighting and shadows), but you nailed it here! Those trees look absolutely beautiful.

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