Solitude by Hipshot

A map designed for the 2nd Maverick Mapping Competition: Hipshot introduces us to a semi-complex small-medium map with its own unique character. The theme is somewhat rustic with a heavy use of wooden beams, deteriorating concrete and brick walls, rusty pipes and plenty of foliage.

The level of detail this author has displayed combined with some incredible textures and shadering of his own, creates a very visually interesting level. The subtle use of ambient sounds also adds to the atmosphere.

Game-play is rather fast and vertical, and offers enough depth to be competitive. The level has been made specifically for Challenge ProMode, with a green armor spawn. Moving through the level makes it apparent that no small detail went unnoticed as every item and every area has been carefully planned out as there is a variety of trick jumps that can be utilised and weapon/item balance is near-perfect. There does not seem to be any clipping issues either and connectivity is spot-on.

Considering the time constraints put on the level designers in such mapping contests there are bound to be small issues that never had the time to be addressed, as Hipshot admits. However the issues here are very insignificant. As the author points out, the bots are slightly stupid, but that is to be expected of them! My main issue was the lack of item spawn spot textures. Technically, it performs well - even on my old unreliable laptop it keeps a steady FPS throughout the map, and r_speeds are good.

Overall, it is a very good production and is a deserving winner of the mapping competition, even amongst some very tough competition. It is definitely not a map that you will want to ignore - so get downloading!

Reviewed by themuffinator

Ranked: 4.7 out of 5 (28 votes)

Download: Solitude by Hipshot