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October 23, 2010 ================================================================ Title : Solitude Version : Final version for Mavericks Summer 2010 Competition, http://mapping.maverickservers.com/ Filename : solitude.bsp Author : Jochum Skoglund / Hipshot www : http://www.zfight.com ================================================================ * Play Information * Designed for : 1vs1, works with FFA(3) Bots : Yes CPMA : GA New Graphics : Yes New sounds : Yes (from freesound.org) Powerups : None * Texture Credits * All textures were done by me, except the fence texture that is a id-stock diffuse. Most textures uses photosource from cgtextures.com. Some of them are produced from my own photosource. * Spec * This is the submission entry for the second contest hosted by Maverick Servers. Since time was pressing, I had to finish this off before I felt that I was completely done with the graphical touch, but the level should be good enough. Gameplay is aimed towards 1v1 with a pretty high vertical profile, just like in my previous level Crescent. r_speeds are around 20k. Known bugs are problems with bots, they are just stupid I guess. Some fern clips into walls, probably some small texture misalignments, some other minor things. =========== -bsp -meta -samplesize 16 -v -vis -v -saveprt -light -patchshadows -fast -dirty -dirtscale 1 -dirtdepth 16 -samples 6 -v -bounce 100 -threads 2 BSP(9)VIS(0)Light(511)
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