by Ney
q3sod5 by Ney

I'll spend the amount of time writing the review that the author spent making the map. The map is two huge cylindrical pathways interconnected at the middle with flags on either side and slick all over the floor.

Might be fun for Excessive Plus fans but do not bother if you are a vanilla Q3A player looking for something interesting.


Second opinion

Basically, two circles, one red, one blue. This map was clearly designed for the Excessive Plus mod to navigate around with the BFG. Gameplay is great, but it would be nice to play with bots. It is a pretty simple map, by the same author as q3sod2, q3sod3, and q3sod6, and q3sod7. It really is not very exciting, but if there was a .aas file, it would be great.

So just add a .aas file, and this map would be awesome. It's a keeper.

Reviewed by gooball

Ranked: 0.3 out of 5 (4 votes)

Download: q3sod5 by Ney