McSarge's by cityy

Rustic, twisting hallways that look like they have been patched and repaired over their entire life. An environment so richly detailed it is hard to believe it is software technology that is almost 15 years old pushing polygons to your monitor.

This is what happens when imagination, time and the ability to edit a game level come together. Interestingly the teleporters seem a little out-of-place at first, but when you see the railgun trail and plasma balls, they do not seem wrong any more.

The game play is great, but there is a minor focus around the main atrium with a teleporter at the bottom. There are heaps of special jumps and ledges to get you around. Throw ProMode in the mix and the map will shift things up a notch.

One thing some people may need to watch is the file size. This small map weights in at over 100MB. That, sadly is the price for detail and because a number of extra textures have been included for other mappers. See the readme for details.

Even with all this work, there is no arena file or level shot. This means the level must be started at the console and will not appear in the menu system. Grab this small patch to fix the issue.

This is a must have level for all players and mappers. Excellent work cityy!

Note: I tried to contact cityy about the missing files, but got no reply.

Ranked: 4.5 out of 5 (19 votes)

Download: McSarge's by cityy