No Man's Land (2)
No Man's Land (2) by tekros

One of the best things about Quake 3 is the ability to mod the game and create assets such as custom maps and models. This empowering of the creative genius inside people does not always produce amazing results.

After reviewing Quake 3 maps for almost 15 years now, I have seen a lot from both ends of the spectrum and everything between. One thing that I keep enjoying, no matter how good or bad a level is the fact that people are still playing and making maps for this game.

This release has huge issues. From missing textures to complex or next to impossible game paths. There are brush work and technical issues and a list that continues.

What is great about this release is that the author had an idea for a CTF a map. A long bridge with dangers below and a secondary path with bounce pads on the walls; as well as to include a bounce pad to throw the player up high and through a window in some kind of tower. Nothing wrong with that at all. In fact, that is what is great. These ideas are now a reality. You can now experience this authors ideas, which are fun.

The author has enjoyed the process of making a level and seeing their ideas appear so much they wanted to share it with the world. Again, nothing wrong with that. But now the problems of releasing creative works to the public hit home. The big one being public opinion.

This map works (even with the errors) and you can play against bots or other players. It is kind of fun, but sadly not for long. Soon all the issues start to stack up and the capture process becomes a little dull. You start to think about all the other amazing levels you have played and wonder why did the author not see and fix the issues you are seeing.

For me, this release reminded me of why I continue ..::LvL. Of why it is important that people have a place to release their creative works and why honest feedback is needed. I was happy to play someone else work. I was excited that the author made something and even tried to create a map a little out of the ordinary.

At the end of the day however this is not a keeper at all but I honestly hope this does not stop people from mapping and creating levels.

Ranked: 3.3 out of 5 (4 votes)

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