Rainy Day
Rainy Day by cityy

Here we have a remarkably well constructed offering by cityy. I was immediately awe-struck with the convincing atmosphere. With realistic rain pattering down, flashes of lightening, and the peal of thunder; I could almost swear that my upper torso and head were getting soaked by the falling precipitation.

The setting is what appears to be an old and deserted warehouse, storage, and manufacturing facility constructed of brick, wood, and cement. There are planks boarding up windows here and there and bridging the gap to the landing with the Yellow Armor. Slip gates like those from Quake will lead you through areas of the map serving also to speed up the game-flow and contributing well to the overall connectivity and strategy of the game. Bounce pads though somewhat incongruous to the environment seem to fit in well enough. And crates stacked up allow easy access to the landing bearing the prized Red Armor.

There is an appropriate compliment of weaponry and ordinance for the level to support the recommended amount of participants while only the Rail-gun and the BFG are absent. The mega-health is in an open area where risk must be taken in order to benefit from its appropriation. At times, even in a two player Tourney game you may find yourself in a desperate need of health and it is often a necessity to regress from your opponent to mend your wounds. Bots are challenging as they insidiously navigate the space as if they eternally dwell there awaiting the wayward soul condemned to share their home.

I could not find any technical issue to fuss about, nor do I any helpful suggestion that I could provide to the maps renowned creator, as fastidious care was evidently employed in the completion of this work. The majority of Quake 3 enthusiasts will find this creation a most welcome addition to their hard drives. It would be wise save a copy in a secure location.

Reviewed by Hooyaah

Tigs notes: There are two version included in the download. One geared towards standard Q3A (ct3tourney2). The second (pro-ct3tourney2) has been tuned for CPMA.

Ranked: 4.5 out of 5 (18 votes)

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