Rainy Day
Rainy Day by cityy
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CZghost Rep. 1543
#8   05 Aug 2014
Loving this map especially the secret, where are alpha and beta screenshots :) Giving it full rank :)
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FragTastic Rep. 1512
#7   07 Jan 2012
Top Map! Its brilliant I LOVE IT!
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SW12 unregistered
#6   05 Dec 2010
I like the rain bit, but I would like to see a map where it takes place in a neighborhood.

I seriously need to get GTK Radiant working. good.

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kakashiz Rep. -36
#5   14 Nov 2010
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Combo Rep. 65
#4   03 Jun 2010
Top map! Very good layout and gameflow. I like the texture choice, reminds me of qzca3.
This would be an excellent addition to the ql map pool.
Edited: 03 Jun 2010 AEST
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JULEK Rep. 20
#3   30 May 2010
Thanks cityy for this great map, it was fun to play on it.
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Anthem Rep. 190
#2   30 May 2010
This is an excellent map, city. Well done.
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cityy Rep. 280
#1   28 May 2010
Thanks for the review Hooyaah! Also thanks Tig - for hosting and stuff :) I always enjoy watching the panorama shots.
For those who wonder why there are two versions of the map included in the pk3, pro-ct3tourney2 was added to improve the gameplay in CPM. The differences are a GA, a second RL and the RG in the promode version. Also the PG has been dropped.
Edited: 28 May 2010 AEST
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