Right Angles
Right Angles by Scrama

Right Angles is set in a lonely, abandoned industrial facility composed of brick, tile, concrete, and steel. The thrumming of machinery may be heard in areas where these devices remain functioning unbridled, albeit futilely. An array of plants greet those who would gaze out of one of the windows and an attractive landscape and skyline beckon from beyond the weary participant and eternal captive of the Vadrigar.

Here you will find all but the Plasma gun and the BFG with which to dispatch your opponent(s) and sufficient ammunition to allow for an engaging four participant frag-fest. There too, are some other items to help combatants on their way: 2 Yellow Armor, 1 MegaHealth, a few armor shards, and +health, all cleverly placed, as are much needed health pods. Four players is a good suggested maximum compliment for this map. I did enjoy a nice one-on-one Tourney with a skilled bot, as this level is very conducive to Tourney game-play as well as FFA. Three bots are supplied, one of which is Xaero, so no slacking is advised, especially as the bots traverse the entire map and utilize well its resources to their advantage. Taking full use of the items, weapons, bounce pads and tele-porters, you will find a hearty challenge should the company of human opponents be unavailable.

Although there is a missing music file, which was removed intentionally, an error message appears to alert us in the console; I should have enjoyed the map even more with music. There are no other bugs or issues that I could find to interfere with the enjoyment of this arena.

I recommend the download and believe that those fortunate enough to take advantage of it will find the game flow sufficiently fast-paced and the game play richly challenging and satisfying.

-Reviewed by Hooyaah

Ranked: 4.3 out of 5 (12 votes)

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