Paranoid by cityy

Paranoid (ct3dm4), has a unique aura that one might expect from an abandoned and dilapidated building composed of brick and deteriorating concrete. There are technological features that are an interesting, albeit not an inappropriate fit, especially the tele-porters and the bounce pads that help add character and atmosphere, as do the many other small details. Although there are no ambient sounds, probably due a missing file, the overall feeling of this map does not seem to suffer too much. The added greenery is a welcome addition, as is the earthen elements and conduit that are well placed. The sky-box has some eerily incongruous edifices, an ancient looking pyramid and some modern skyscrapers; puffy clouds float past.

Bots circumnavigate nicely and seem to pick up all the items and power-ups, using the tele-porter and bounce pads. You will always find them moving around purposefully, never camping, and offering up a nice challenge.

All weapons are available, save the BFG, and there is enough ammo for the suggested player load of up to six. One will be happy to find the RA, YA, Mega-health, as well as armor shards and +health scattered in helpful areas. The items and weapons/ammo placement seems to be favorable to the already good game-flow.

Well suited for FFA, Deathmatch, and Tourney, this is quite a splendid offering that most will find worthy of download.

-Reviewed by Hooyaah

Ranked: 4.3 out of 5 (18 votes)

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