Rustgrad by Hipshot

Hipshot has once again produced an outstanding release. The architecture and theme is that of an abandoned facility. It is medium sized and perfectly fits with 3 to 6 players. Free For All and Team Deathmatch are officially supported, however it can be played also as Tournament game.

I started with a fly-through as a spectator looking at the visuals and layout. Nothing at all seems out of place, the architecture is well detailed and textured beautifully with high definition textures. I really like the jumppads; a collection pulsing red square lights with matching holographic rings rising up from the pad. The teleporters have an excellent visual look to them as well. They are like a transparent monitor with a number of brights rows and scanner lines rolling over - and they glow. The destination of the portal is not displayed.

The two teleporters are connected. A curved hallway along an atrium connects up with a gap below one of the teleporters. You can drop below on jump through. The lower sections are textured with loose tiles and dirt floor. Fluorescent tubes highlight the plants growing over these tiles. Access from the lower sections to above is speed-up with the jumppads or

You can take the stairs. In the Rail Gun area there are broken steps that can be used to learn some tricks. A small courtyard with a pond is placed in the center of the map.

Item placement is pretty balanced. The MegaHealth tunnel is actually a good run through and not recommended as a camping spot. There are two Rocket Launches included and the map is about the size of The Campgrounds (q3dm6). I found this a little unnecessary but others may enjoy it.

Bot gameplay is good. They often crater but can be a little tough to beat. The route the entire map without any flaws but seem to avoid the pond area.

The odd secret or Easter Egg would have been nice but otherwise a visually great map without any flaws.

I must say Hipshot has produced an excellent release. I'm sure when you enter the arena for first time, you would say Wow! Start downloading.

Reviewed by CZghost

Ranked: 4.8 out of 5 (36 votes)

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