r33t arena
r33t arena by Nathan Silvers & nakedape

Three Rocket Arena 3 arenas and a Clanarena make up this well constructed multi-arena level. r33t OwnAge; the Clanarena, is a re-worked version of an earlier DM/Team map by the same author. wienerDM is based on a section of Natestah's Beotch. In this version you are the size of a bug, rocket jumping up to those big fat leaves. The other two arena's are completely new. Hax0red is a Stone/Tech theme with classic arena style - big and open, you will want to watch out for the power tubes! Its also good for a 2on2 Rail arena. The last, Sour Bitterness is a castle courtyard in ruins, complete with an underground tunnel. Would have been nice to have a custom teleporter here. As with all RA3 maps, no bots.

Nice addition to RA3, lobby server admins to put it on their map rotation.

Update - Full credit to authors is now in the readme.txt (17.nov.2000).

Ranked: 3.6 out of 5 (9 votes)

Download: r33t arena by Nathan Silvers & nakedape