Quake Monkeys
Quake Monkeys by Nathan Silvers

A map with diverse flora and a Quake DM4 layout. This map is a visual treat, having great design, thoughtfully placed flowers, Mushrooms and other plants growing everywhere you turn your head.

It is stunning to look at and does not obstruct your view at all. A few plants are not exactly placed on the surface, so it seems they are floating a bit, but its nothing to worry about. The map scores also some lightning-points, however I found the main area a bit over-lit. A window has been broken that appears to be the 'problem' of that in that area, and you can take a look at a nice looking skybox from there.

Gameplay flows well, the teleporters send you through the higher parts of the map, making you end up going down, grabbing that lightning-gun for the 5th time. I hope you like this gun! The less players you play with, the less this seems to be a problem. The rest of the available arsenal is spread out nicely.

The author states the suggested player load is 2-4 and that is exactly what this map is meant for. I tried it with 4 and more though, which resulted in a hysterical find-a-gun game and caused me even to be telefragged at the outcome points of the teleporters. 3 players should be perfect. If you can't have a little LAN with your friends, then you won't be disappointed since the map has great support for the bots, who even climb up on some flora to get to the health.

Nathan worked for Gray Matter and Monolith Productions among others, and the map shows. On his website you will find even more interesting qualities.

Back to the point. To some people, Natedm3 might bore after a while, though it is definitely a downloader, visually and gameplay-wise.

Reviewed by PrezzoX

Ranked: 4 out of 5 (31 votes)

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