Pyramid of the Magician
by Sock
Pyramid of the Magician by Sock

A few quotes about this map (from Func_Msgboard).

This makes a mockery of heightmap-based terrain tools. Far Cry, UT2K4, pfft. - BlackDog

This is excellent. The rock and soil and plant stuff looks excellent, the modelling/brushwork on them is top-notch, and the texture mix and overall color palette of the map is fantastic. - metlslime

Visuals are fantastic, and the brushwork is a thing of beauty. I'm going to start crying tears of joy just thinking of how cool this map is. - Scampie

Pyramid Of The Magician started out as an experiment and grew into a visually amazing, enjoyable DM and Tourney level for human players. There is no bot file included (therefore bots do not play this level). Not because the author did not try to make one, but because of the limitations on how the bot files are created.

The level really shows off what can be created with experience, the support of the community and community based made tools like Q3Map2 by ydnar and the Quake 3 engine. Amazing stuff! To top it off, the map source file is freely available, so other mappers can see just how its all done (grab the map file from here).

Check out this level!

Update: Bot support has been added thanks to some funky thinking. Read how bot support was added on Socks site (article has been remove, so has the link).

Ranked: 4.7 out of 5 (140 votes)

Download: Pyramid of the Magician by Sock