Quake Monkeys
Quake Monkeys by Nathan Silvers
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raspatan Rep. 4510
#12   02 Dec 2020
Great textures and nice ambient but gameplay is not particularly interesting, as there is mainly one main room and the rest are corridors and small rooms. Teleports are not that well connected either (one takes you straight into another, for instance).
PD: tried to get the quad but no point.
Edited 12.87 hours after the original posting.
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bepisman Rep. 148
#11   24 Mar 2020
Nice textures and an overall nice appearance. Gameplay is fun too.
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Alice Rep. 605
#10   25 Sep 2016
The map is a nice sequel to natedm2. The plants and mushrooms are even more beautiful. But (to me) the map lacks a little bit the good connectivity of natedm2. And also the quad was to tricky for me...
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FragTastic Rep. 2317
#9   18 Jan 2012
Funny Map Name :).
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AEon Rep. 760
#8   23 Aug 2009
Ever wondered what those depressing Quake maps would look like on a more advanced engine, but now actually with beautiful lighting and abundant flora... finally we have such a map! Far more maps should be integrating plants into their designs. A must download, even though the gameplay may not be for everyone.
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UC93 Quizmaster unregistered
#7   26 Oct 2006
Hi johnboy: To get the QUAD you just go through the teleporter [backspace to slow yourself down] after shooting the button under the grill that's in front of the teleporter.

Love this map... love the plants and the whole atmosphere on this map... I will collect all your maps for sure.
Keep mapping...

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natestah unregistered
#6   22 Nov 2004
I finished this about 8months ago. A couple of weeks after I started working with you guys at GMI. Both Natedm2 and Natedm3 were kind of "interupted" by real work. I was having fun with some UT2K4 stuff before I got this latest contract - www.nathansilvers.com/
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Mr. Lake unregistered
#5   22 Nov 2004
Yo Nate! Finally got around to releasing this one huh? Still looks great...I'm going to steal your md3s one of these days. :)
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natestah unregistered
#4   21 Nov 2004
In the pack file I included a demo that shows some tricks in the map. Go to your demo's list and you should find something in there. Forgot what I named it.
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{DEMO}LITION unregistered
#3   21 Nov 2004
OK here is the big spoiler:

[1] Grab the grenade launcher, then go and stand on the ledge near the quad damage door. Where you got the grenade launcher, there was a shootable target (red rings). You'll notice there is a grid above the entrance to that from the quad area. Shoot a grenade through the nearest square so you hit the far wall at around 45 degrees. Run onto the quad door. If you're grenade bounced off that wall correctly, it will have rolled next to the button and damaged it. This should open the quad door which you just ran onto, so you get quad damage.

[2] On the lower floor of the quad area, there is a way to a teleporter room which has a sitting skeleton and a rocket launcher. Stand near the entrance of that, and aim a grenade up at the same wall you did with the first method. The quickly switch to rocket launcher and rocket jump yourself into the teleporter. If the grenade damaged the target, and you were quick enough through the teleporter, you should just teleport down into the the quad damage cage through the door.

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{DEMO}LITION unregistered
#2   21 Nov 2004
I'll have to download this again... got rid of it when I cleaned out my folder last time :P The quad is fairly simple once you know what to do... there is some button to shoot. If you get the grenade launcher and aim it through this grid, it'll go into the room with the shootable button and you can run into a teleporter that goes to the top of the quad bit. That's if I remember properly :P I also found another way to do it... I'll go take a look now.
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johnboy unregistered
#1   21 Nov 2004
nathan, you are an excellent mapper and modeler. we still play natedm1 on my server. and this map makes a fine addition to my server. i have always used nates webs and plants in my maps. i just have one question. how do i get the quad? GOOD JOB!!!
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