..::LvL Map Filter - Update, 18th July, 2021
Started by Tig
Tig Rep. 1642
#1   20 Jun 2021
@raspatan requested a map sort / filter page a few weeks back (and one for the member page too).

The main site one can now be found here : lvlworld.com/filter - It is in a beta status and currently not linked from anywhere for now. Trying to work out how to integrate it and a few other things as well. Current thinking to is replace the "reviews" page with the new filter page as that is what new page defaults to.

Please feel welcome to use it and post feedback or errors.

The member page is not done.

raspatan Rep. 4510
#2   23 Jun 2021
Hi, that's cool! It's very functional. I would use gametype listing rather than release type (tag search for gametype is much braoder). Also I would add theme based search. For instance, say you want space maps only. Currently you have to go to tag search, which shows maps in no apparent order.
One alternative would be to add this filter feature to the tag search page. Or imply to add it to any page listing something, rather than having a special page. For instance, in browse page, you can get to lvlworld.com/dm in no apparent order. There is no reason to me why a no apparent order is anywhere helpful. I would add then the filter option as current, underneath the title (or perhaps, to make it more visible, somewhere else, say at the right of that banner.).
In any case, I would not remove the reviews page.
Also, I just realised that the advanced search is quite hard to find (only visible from full menu or highlighted when search in top right produces no result). Why not add it to every search result? For instance, message does not show up here: lvlworld.com/search/arena but it does show up here: lvlworld.com/search/asdadsasd
Finally, a more philosophical question. What is the search doing? It seems is reading every word in the review page. Feels a bit wide. Consider for instance this search: lvlworld.com/search/handle Perhaps that search could be narrowed? To titles and filenames only for instance?
Tig Rep. 1642
#3   03 Jul 2021
@raspatan : I forgot to tell you about the search feature and how it works.

Basically, the search is like this, and ordered like this as well:

  • Title (exact)
  • Author (exact)
  • zip file name (exact)
  • Title (part of)
  • Author (part of)
  • zip file name (part of)
  • Anything in the review
  • ID number (exact)
So in your sample for "handle", there are no map titles, authors or file names with "handle", but there are reviews with "handle" included.

The Advance or Tag search is pretty hacky really and relies on the data from the Overview page being updated correctly (which any member can do). Many of the older maps lack some of this data. That said, I do like it and use it a fair bit. I will look at integrating it more.

The Map Filter has been added to the front page.

Tig Rep. 1642
#4   18 Jul 2021
Some major changes have been uploaded that improve the Map Filter - lvlworld.com/filter

There are only a few little things left to take this feature from beta stage. Hope to get a chance to finish this feature off soon.

Please report issues any issues!

raspatan Rep. 4510
#5   24 Jul 2021
@Tig It looks good to me. Thanks for the earlier explanation.
If you have any chance to integrate this to user's profiles, so I can sort my own reviews, votes, downloads, etc. For instance, sort votes by name, date or value. Or downloads by other than date. But I suggest this only if just one step ahead. I'm sure your time is scarce and there are other priorities for the site.
Thanks for all the good stuff anyway!
richoi Rep. 70
#6   14 Feb 2024
@Tig: what do you think of having a map filter search option of texture set being used? eg. sock's, evil lair, rorschach's vendetta, speedy, egyptian, etc.
Tig Rep. 1642
#7   14 Feb 2024
@richoi : Adding something like that to the Map Filter is a good idea, just a little tricky to do cleanly.

Not sure if you know, but there are also the following options already in place (just without the other Map Filter choices):

  • Tag Search: lvlworld.com/searchadvance
  • In the Overview section of a map, click / tap on a tag and your will be shown a listing of other maps that are also tagged with that attribute.
Part of the issue is there are a lot of maps without tags. Please feel more than welcome to add any missing tags to releases you come across.
richoi Rep. 70
#8   15 Feb 2024
@Tig: thank you for the Tag Search suggestion. there is a Textures option there that lists texture set choices for some maps. it would be a daunting task to tag all of lvlworld's 2513 maps :-)
i am trying to see if i understand the process. i created a tag for approval - Charon (Liquid Carbon). there are 2 maps i found that use it - dAde's map: Almost Done - Rage ; and, Charon's map: Liquid Carbon (v2).
Almost Done - Rage by dAde
Liquid Carbon (v2) by Charon
2 down - 2511 to go ?
Tig Rep. 1642
#9   15 Feb 2024
@richoi : Any new tags must be approved. This is a security feature to prevent people adding something offensive. The new tag has been approved now. If you create more tags, let me know here and I'll approve them as soon as I can.

Adding an existing (or approved) tag is immediate. Please feel more than welcome to keep adding tags :)

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