Almost Done - Rage
by dAde
Almost Done - Rage by dAde

This map is made for ProMode physics and gameplay. The map has very nice gameplay coverage, as it covers every sort of movement from tele-jumping, ramp-jumping, air-strafing, double jumping and circle jumping. With the use of all of them makes for some fast movement as you make your way around the map.

There is also a camping spot. There is a part where there is some piping which you can double jump up to the higher part of the map which is nice, along with other things in that sort for example. If you have some skill at promode physics, the map will make more sense, with jumping around walls in mid-air, along with weaving your way around the map with the stairs and other things.

The map makes use of Charon's Liquid Carbon set, which is well known from map charon3dm11v2. The lower walkway on this map has some grate flooring which has water below it, and it looks good. The bots play fine, though they do not play the map as well as could be done since the map is pure promode movement.

It's a good map.

Reviewed by v1l3

Ranked: 3 out of 5 (21 votes)

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