Weird Wood
Weird Wood by DaEngineer

Weirdwood is a small-to-medium map composed almost exclusively of wooden textures. And the map looks good, which is unusual for all-wood maps. The architecture is moderately impressive and completely unique. The texture choice is well done and the lighting is quite colorful.

The map takes place entirely in wooden tunnels and the theme is consistent through out. Perhaps a little too consistent, I almost wish there was a little change to break up the wood and give some variety. Maybe a second version of this map could include an outside section. There is a cool looking outside section in this version, but it is not reachable.

The gameflow is decent and bots play well. All areas are used, but the center is used the most. There were two spots I saw where overlapping brushes were Z-fighting, and this is a very small complaint but would have been easy to fix. The spiral staircases are architecturally cool but it is annoying to walk down them because the stairs are so fine that you are in the air most of the time and you lose control.

Aside from the small complaints, this is a well done map that looks cool. You should definitely download it if you like tight indoor maps, or wood. Otherwise you might skip it.

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Ranked: 3.9 out of 5 (19 votes)

Download: Weird Wood by DaEngineer