poptart by NaturalSpringWater

A single player puzzle map in which the object is to find 101 items in under 10 minutes, a.k.a. a scavenger hunt. The items range from pictures to objects to all sorts of things. You can bump into some and shot others. Once the 10 minutes up, you are sent back to the starting room where each item you found is marked and you can see what items you missed.

The map is a detailed layout of a single home, not playable from a FFA or CTF standpoint, but a good demonstration of what a decade old game engine can do when pushed to the limits. Coming from my background of game and map design for many different types of games, this was no easy technical challenge to setup 101 triggers across one map for the Q3 engine.

The map will entertain you and your friends, technically you can start a FFA game in which friends join and you all go on the hunt at once. Each item found counts as a frag, so it's fun to also go head to head with your friends at finding the items to see who can find the most at the end of the 10 minutes.

The tough side, this is a very high poly-count map. It runs awesome on any new computer, but if you have an older computer, the map will chug in sections unless you have at least 1.5 GHz of CPU to back it up. It is certainly not meant for anything else but cooperative fun with friends or single player hunt by yourself.

I enjoyed the map for what it is and maybe a break from the action every now and then is not such a bad thing.

Reviewed by KnightMB

Ranked: 4.2 out of 5 (38 votes)

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