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FSS (Europe) download mirror
Started by Tig
Tig Rep. 1114
#1   04 Apr 2021
Thanks to bkos from fast-stable-secure.net, there is a new, fast download mirror. The mirror is located in Europe and the downloads come over HTTPS.

As always, please report any issues!

Takkie Rep. 1678
#2   05 Apr 2021
That is great, for I live in Europe so I'll be sure to use this mirror.
:hugs: bkos
bkos Rep. 0
#3   05 Apr 2021
Hi All,

Thank you for having me :). I thought to give something back to the community and I have always had great fondness for the LvL portal, so mirroring the content in the EU where I live seemed to me like a good idea.

Enjoy the downloads! :)
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