How to provide proper feedback - A guide
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This is a simple guide, as we, the mappers, aren't the all-knowing minds who can decipher generic stuff on first glance.

"The map sucks" (Doesn't need any explanation)
"It has bad item placement" (Provide examples, if possible, suggest solutions)
"The map is badly designed" (See above)
"It has the BFG/NG/CG/PL/RG" (especially when care has been taken in order to limit these weapons' damage with the design of the map itself)

GOOD FEEDBACK: (If possible, also suggest solutions)
"Placing the Quad Damage near the BFG is bad for the balance of the map."
"There are no safe places from the Railgun, it breaks the map as it is."
"The Grenade Launcher's position favors spamming and it destroys the flow of the map."

CHECK LIST FOR MAPPING AND TESTING (May require a bit of help, suggestions are welcome)
(Also may help with design decisions)

Can any player be visible at all times? (i.e. is the map well-lit)
Is there any bug in the map?
Is it intended, unintended and will be fixed, or unintended but won't be fixed?
__ Are there items with "start in solid" or "not reachable for bots" in the console?
Can the bots navigate the map well in botmatches?
How easy is the map to navigate?
How obstructive are the hazardous areas to the map's flow?
__ Can the player remember key areas of the map without having to resort to location names?
How well distributed are the items across the map?
__ Is there a cache of powerful weapons and items somewhere in the map?
How worthy are the items near the hazardous area? And in the area itself?
Are there spots for hiding? How easy is to locate them?
How many chokepoints are in the map?

BASE-BASED TEAM GAMETYPES (CTF, One Flag CTF, Harvester, Overload)
How easy is the map to navigate?
How easy is the enemy base/objective to find?
__ How easy are the bases to attack?
How easy are the bases to defend?
__ How long does it take to capture a flag in the shortest route without trickjumping?
How long does it take to capture a flag in the longest route without trickjumping?
__ Aside of the enemies, was there another obstacle to the capture which broke too much the flow of the map?
How many routes does the map have between the flags (not the bases)?
__ Are the chokepoints well protected from possible campers/snipers?
Is there any hazardless (including water) route protected from snipers?
__ Do the corridors contain any kind of cover?
How easy is to make a flag capture? (CTF)
How easy is to get the neutral objective and score at the enemy objective? (One Flag CTF/Harvester)
How easy is to attack the enemy base? (CTF/Overload)

Am I missing something?

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