The Gardens of Eternity
The Gardens of Eternity by Darth Blade

A large arena consisting of two huge rooms joined in the middle by a short passageway.

The size of the rooms and the overuse of curves has led to r_speeds that max out at 50,000. Combined with the lack of clipping, this makes the map unplayable. An area portal in the central door would have helped keep the r_speeds down, although probably not enough to bring them down to reasonable values.

The mapper has clearly put in a lot of time and there are some nice touches such as the hanging lamps and the vortex-style teleporter. Unfortunately, the author does not yet have enough experience to pull off a map of this size and complexity.

Visually the map is not impressive enough to warrant it's download as an eye-candy map. Poor construction and a lack of knowledge of bot file tricks means that a bot file has not been built for this map (see below). This is probably the final nail in an already well sealed coffin.

Don't bother with this one

Reviewed by Juz

Patch file: Mapsking has put together a patch file that includes the original music track and bot support, or you can grab just the bot support patch for this release. (17th Mar, 2024)

Ranked: 3.2 out of 5 (10 votes)

Download: The Gardens of Eternity by Darth Blade