Coriolis Storm (v2)
Coriolis Storm (v2) by Lunaran

A large 2 level abandoned complex set in the midst of a desert sand storm, a yellow cloud of dust permeates the lower level. It makes a very cool setting for a DM.

The map is quite large and is definitely at its best with at least 6-8 players. The rocket launcher is a focus point for bot play.

Personally, I would have included another rocket launcher. This is the second release which fixes a number of small bugs (see the readme.txt for more details).

A great map with atmosphere so thick you can taste it.

Patch file: Mapsking has put together a patch file that includes the original music track for this release. (17th Mar, 2024)

Ranked: 4.2 out of 5 (427 votes)

Download: Coriolis Storm (v2) by Lunaran