Coriolis Storm (v2)
- File Information -------------------------------------------------------- 04.10.2000 ---
Title : Coriolis Storm
Filename : lun3dm1.pk3
Author : Lunaran
Email Address : **email removed**
Web Site : Visit
Previous Releases : lun2dm1 - The Gridlock, Q2DM
westfront - Westfront Facility, HLDM
complex - The Complex, Q2DM
Installation : To install, simply unzip and place lun3dm1.pk3 in your baseq3
directory wherever you installed Quake3: Arena. The map should now
be accessible via the Multiplayer menu or by typing "\map lun3dm1" at
the console without the quotes.
Pak File Contents : maps/lun3dm1.bsp
: scripts/lun3dm1.arena
: textures/lundesert/cgrate2_lglow.jpg
: sounds/lundesert/pump3.wav
: levelshots/lun3dm1.jpg
Mad Phat Shoutouts
to ma homies on the
hill, 'cuz they be
hella fly (aka
acknowledgements) : That other Biff, id, the rest of the guys at the QBoard, Steve
Purcell, Paul Jaquays, Mr. "What hell kinda name is Klesk? I'm suing!"
Kesk, Frank Herbert, and Kevin Richards.
Great Beta Testers : than, Kanaeda, Killer, Johnny, Alcatraz, Maniac, Bad Karma, Tarrant,
Biff Debris, pjw, cyBeAr, [IF]Gonad

- Play Information -----------------------------------------------------------------------
Description : It used to be a military installation and listening outpost, years
ago when the Third Republic still existed. Stuck on the edge of
known space on a nameless ball of sand, supply shipments and radio
messages grew longer between until they ceased altogether. The
damned crew of the outpost clung to dry, hungry, hopeless life as
long as they could ... The empty base now lies eroded and
: This map is NOT supposed to actually _be_ set on Arrakis. Inspiration
actually came from the desert episode of Starcraft: Brood War.
: Music has been added, but only as an option. The music isn't new, but
is track #9 from Aliens vs Predator. Some people don't like to play
with music, and would probably not be happy downloading a huge file just
to delete it, so the music is instead only available as a SEPARATE FILE.
In order to hear the music, you have to download lun3dm1.wav from my
site ( or somewhere else on the
rare chance it gets mirrored, or rip it yourself if you have the game
as well. Lun3dm1.wav must be placed in baseq3/music/.
: You can also put whatever music you want in that directory and name
it lun3dm1.wav, and I won't stop you. :)
Player Base : Free-For-All, Teamplay
Default Bots : Phobos, Hossman, Major, Klesk, Sarge
Number of Players : 3-8
Best Player Load : 4-5
Item Load : 4 SGs, RL, RG, PG, LG, GL, 2 YAs, RA, 4 Gold Healths, alternating

- Revision History -----------------------------------------------------------------------
04.10.2000 : "Point Release." Botplay entities repaired. Minor architectural
and visual bugs fixed (a few overlapping brushes/z-fighting, HOM).
Locational markers added for teamplay. Tiny details added here and
there. Text file added to pak file to ensure it stays with the pak
during autodownloads. Music keyvalue added to lun3dm1.bsp, pointing
to music/lun3dm1.wav.
: Release 2 also denoted by a small "V2" in the bottom left corner of
the preview picture (levelshots/lun3dm1.jpg).
03.13.2000 : Original Release.

- Construction ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
Base : New level from scratch
Texture Scheme : Arrakeen (rust and dust)
Construction Time : ~96 hours over 80 days
Prefabs Used : None
Average R_Speeds : 6500 world, entities, no players
Worst Case R_Speeds : 8000 world, entities, no players
Editor(s) used : QERadiant
Known Issues : Quake3 produces t-junction cracks ("sparklies") on many curved
surfaces, as well as on all the trim where the fog volume intersects
a surface. Later point releases of Quake3 should have fixed those
errors, which is the impression I was led to believe, but they
apparently haven't. The errors do not affect gameplay, they just look
: The author did his best to try and keep some consistency in lighting
between r_overBrightBits 0 and 1. It should look tolerable either
way now.
: At startup, the message "Could not find music/lun3dm1.wav" might be
displayed. This only occurs if you haven't chosen to download the
separate music file.

- Compilation ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
Q3Map BSP Time : 1 minute, 30 seconds
Q3Map VIS Time : 34 minutes, 10 seconds
Q3Map LIGHT Time : 70 minutes, 30 seconds
Lighting Params : -extra
BSPC AAS Time : 7 minutes, 0 seconds
Compile Computer : PII 300mhz, 128 megs of RAM, Win98

- Copyright / Permissions ----------------------------------------------------------------
Authors May Not decompile the BSP as a base to build additional levels. Make your own
damned maps.
Authors may use the included custom textures & shaders, or modifications thereof, provided
they give note of such in an attached readme. Also be sure to use directories and filenames
different than those in lun3dm1.pk3, or else you run the risk of having both maps excluded
from pure servers.
You MAY distribute this pak file and/or its contents by any electronic means, provided
you leave the contents unaltered and include this text file, also unaltered. This file may
not be commercially exploited in any way.

| -- "CORIOLIS STORM: any major sandstorm on Arrakis where winds across |
| the open flatlands are amplified by the planet's own revolutionary |
| motion to reach speeds up to 700 kilometers per hour." |