Falling Higher
by Senn
April 12, 2000

Title : Falling Higher
MapFilename : senndm2.bsp

Author : Adam "Senn" Bellefeuil
Email Address : **email removed**
Website : www.planetquake.com/senn/

Other Works : Kingpin DM - Hello City
Quake 2 CTF - Mission Base
Quake 2 DM - Up Yours
Quake 2 DM - Breakpoint
Quake 3 DM - Agony & Ecstasy (senndm1)
Quake 3 DM - Mindfields (t8dm6)

Map Type : Deathmatch 2-6 players
Map description : The second in my "senndm" series. I focused mainly
on gameplay here. With the help of some very dedicated
beta testers I think I have got the FFA games down.
This map is just plain fun with a bunch of bots, and even
more so with humans. Go blow shit up.

Thanks to : id software, without you guys this would not exist
Special Thanks : OozE, Abomination, A Loser, pjw and the rest of the guys
on the LvL beta section for playtesting


***** Construction *****

Base : New level from scratch
Editor used : Q3Radiant
Known Bugs : None. Please notify me if you find anything.
Build Time : ~ 1 month on and off
Compile machine : P3 450 / 256 RAM
Compile Times : BSP 15 secs; VIS 1460 secs; LIGHT 1024 secs


***** Usage *****

1. place senndm2.pk3 in your baseq3 directory
2. run Q3A and at the console type "/map senndm2"


***** Copyright / Permissions *****

Quake III Arena is a registered trademark of id Software, Inc.

You may distribute this map FREELY via internet, provided you include this .TXT file and leave the archive intact with no modifications. If you would like to use this map in any other way, please contact me via e-mail. If you let me know and give me a credit, I'll probably give you the permission to use it.