The Islonik

The Islonik - DM Skirmish - Free for All map for Quake 3

Title : The Islonik
PK3 Name : map-islonik.pk3
Date : 11th March 2000
Author : "Kona" Richard Henry
Email Address : **email removed** or
Build time : took ages to make (on and off work around other things, learning Radiant etc)
Botsupport : Yes (Doom, Klesk, Hunter, Razor and Orbb in skirmish mode)

Map Information : This is my first map, and it's a small one. It's good for 2 to 6 players. 1-on-1 works well, although it's not strictly a tourney map.

Thanks goes to: Tubs Bower and Empress Bithell for shaving those chimps
Rare for making I mean id for making Quake3

Richard Henry (**email removed**)