The Islonik
The Islonik by Islonik
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Geniraul Rep. 1474
#4   21 May 2023
The .zip archive for this map doesn't contain the readme file.

P. S. Quite an enjoyable map, fun to play with 3 match participants in DM!

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OO7MIKE unregistered
#3   18 Apr 2000
Pretty good game play. Nothing really new..but that health pod was cool. 7/10 fun but not thrilling.
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SiCdeth unregistered
#2   16 Apr 2000
not bad, especially for a first map, god knows my first map (not found on this site) is a piece of steaming dog shit! (if ure interested e-mail me and i'll send it to you- i liked the items placed over the jump pads, and i liked the spiraling window of the teleporter, also it makes for a good place to teleport to so people cant just sit there in the healing pod and kill people as they try to walk in, the sound file was a little messed up, it didnt work all the time and if it did, the jumping sounds that the player makes will pause the music/sounds. overall pretty cool map and well done job for a first map.


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Jim unregistered
#1   15 Apr 2000
This map isnt too bad- with a good layout of interconnected rooms surrounding the main central arena. It seems to be solidly built as well- but it just didn't strike me. Maybe I'm just getting bored of that texture set/atmosphere. I do prefer a little more vertical element as well.
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