Ichy Pooh
Ichy Pooh by Catalyst
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$u$h| }{ unregistered
#4   22 May 2000
If your a hardvore Q2-RA2 fan, you'll relize that this map is almost an exact replica of "The Cross", a 1 v 1 map............COOL! All the better! I found it fun to play the bots in Battle arena for Q3A!
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OO7MIKE unregistered
#3   18 Apr 2000
This map had an atmosphere of Weel of time.(except for the sky. It was a bit dark. I didnt grab the Bfg and neither did the bots.

I do agree with Grandmaster B ..Only put a Bfg in your level if when you have the Bfg you feel just as helpless with it as you do with the other weopons. If you can dominate a level with it ..dont put it in!!!

This level was unfair and to dark. 3/10 Now how do i fire my seekers?

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.... unregistered
#2   15 Apr 2000
When are they going to learn? If it has a BFG, it's not worth the download. Even in the case of redmeat and similar levels where the BFG may be somewhat hazardous to grab, and has no ammo boxes around the level, I won't play it. Hell, if I know it's got a BFG beforehand, I most likely will not download it (as with this level).
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Grandmaster B unregistered
#1   15 Apr 2000
The Bfg screws up the gameplay.

Why does everyone think that they got to include a Bfg in their levels?

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