Coriolis Storm (v2)
Coriolis Storm (v2) by Lunaran
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2372
#126   10 Apr 2013
If it weren't for the hawk in the sky, plants, and lack of airlocks, I'd say this would be an ideal Mars-themed map.
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FragTastic Rep. 2353
#125   07 Jan 2012
Awesome map! Loving the effects.
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Avenger unregistered
#124   21 Mar 2009
awesome map, one of the all time favorites for everyone !!!
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Kaleo Rep. 40
#123   26 Feb 2008
I saw the screenshot, and I was like "Oooh, shrubbery :D".

I downloaded nanoseconds later.
Awsome map!

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72 Rep. 0
#122   10 Apr 2007
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From Brazil unregistered
#121   22 Apr 2004
Very good map! Mapa muito bem feito! Recomendo!
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not entered unregistered
#120   13 Nov 2003
I have been playing this map with 3-5 players and 4-5 bots.. It is great map, lots of action and great weapon locations.. a must have
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VanZeR** unregistered
#119   23 Dec 2002
i played this map ages ago

but compared to some of the quality of good maps today its staring to show its age

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Nitebeat unregistered
#118   27 Jul 2002
Hehe.. it's still in my personal top ten ;-)

Very nice oldie (well it is =-p)

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Avatar unregistered
#117   26 Jul 2002
This is a wonderful map that I am pleased to see is still in the Top 10. In fact, it is the most downloaded map of the bunch... and for good reason! When I need a little frag-fest after a hard day's work, this is usually the map I reach for first. And I have had this map for nearly 2 years!

Get it. Now.

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greuh unregistered
#116   23 Mar 2002
Ca c'est de la map qui encule sec avec du gravier! ;o)

Surtout quand, comme moi, on aime l'ambiance particulière de Dune!

Ma map favorite entre toutes!

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Vincent dragon unregistered
#115   08 Mar 2002
Rocks....Marsv1 also
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Quakist unregistered
#114   03 Aug 2001
Just what an isolated guy in Sweden needed! argh the map is so.... so orange!
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The Loader unregistered
#113   09 Jul 2001
what a map !! Like an outpost on Dune. Impressive
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dick head unregistered
#112   03 Apr 2001
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DreadlockDragon unregistered
#111   19 Mar 2001
Quakecellent! One of 5 maps I MUST play each week. For music, I use "Blood, Milk & Sky"-Rabbit In The Moon Remix. Thanx for the music file option Lunaran, more maps should have this!!!
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Dragonboy unregistered
#110   04 Mar 2001
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Kohnor unregistered
#109   03 Jan 2001
Great map. I downloaded it and can't stop playing! I can't wait until my next lan party. I gotta show the guys this one.


Does anyone know of any other maps Lunaran's done?

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Avatar unregistered
#108   12 Nov 2000
Wow, I love this map.

Great ambiance, great layout. Good gameplay, pretty good with bots too! Lots of fun, and... and... get this map! Its a classic!

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Abbo unregistered
#107   09 Nov 2000
Absolutely amazing map! I'm a fan of the Frank Herbert Dune books, so I d-loaded this baby straight away... even if it don't have anything to do with the title (which came from the Dune books): WOW!!!
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Neonite unregistered
#106   28 Oct 2000
Hey just one little comment :)

Been a while since i've been here, and my former nick was

RAVE. In may at the end of a message i said :

originality is important

perfect example: half life

Then locutus_mp asked me the 15th june of this year if i ever heard of doom? :)-B

Nah except that i've been playing doom1 and 2, over 2000 add-on levels, think it's a superfast fun shooter etc :)

Thing is, Doom is real fun, but storyline is kinda thin :)

shoot monsters, save earth...

Half life was much more than that: interact with others (barneys, scientists etc..)

get your ass out of the underground laboratory, where they've been experimenting with things they shouldn't have and some aliens invade ... :)

Doom isn't very original when it comes to storyline sorry :I

quake is the same thing: shoot baddies, save earth.

WOlfenstein, in a way, also.

Quake2 is a bit different. NOw you're all of the time on their hometurf. :)

Doom rocks and still beats the hell out of recent shooters when it comes to gameplay and fun. But aside from the monster-cast, it wasn't that original.

BUt a classic.

I really hope that those people at ID put some huge effort in that new doom game.

If they make one stupid mistake, it's gonna fail.

I guess in a way most shooters are still bound to a same type off storyline:

shoot baddies, get out, save your ass and erhm.. the planet

Quake arena however is different

heh shoot the others, walk away with a big grin on your face...

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[wCs]-arseN unregistered
#105   30 Sep 2000
awesome map, it kicks ass, and its fun to play on
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Stahlhans unregistered
#104   30 Sep 2000
Great map! Where can I find more stuff like this?
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not entered unregistered
#103   27 Sep 2000
another ass kicking map, hum..... I have about 100 now!
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Raincloud unregistered
#102   12 Sep 2000
Simply fantastic
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Clandestine unregistered
#101   29 Aug 2000
what i failed to mention: i COMPLETELY disagree with the review which recommends adding another rocket launcher. not only was 1 the right number, but placement was flawless.
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Clandestine unregistered
#100   29 Aug 2000
very, VERY nice... worthy of a professional review.


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EXTASI unregistered
#99   24 Aug 2000
Meueuh this map really rocks ! BABY ! Meuaa!

hé hé hé

enfin bon!

seriously this is my favorite map.

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jrp unregistered
#98   24 Aug 2000
very nice. great atmosphere. There is nothing more important than atmosphere, not eaven gameplay. i will keep this one.
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Zak unregistered
#97   23 Aug 2000
One of my top 10:) I find it very spooky and fun to play. I like it actually 1-on-1 while sneaking up on each other, like I said... spooky :)
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ENIGMA² unregistered
#96   21 Aug 2000
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EchoFive unregistered
#95   12 Aug 2000
An excellent map! I'm having a blast with 7-8 bots on this one. Can't wait to try it out with the rest of the gang.
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Spoon unregistered
#94   03 Aug 2000
Good map! EAT EAT EAT :D :D :D
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not entered unregistered
#93   02 Aug 2000
I wonder who the moron is that's been voting this one down recently...
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gorilla unregistered
#92   02 Aug 2000
great map. Well worth a download. I prefer it for 3-4 people. The layout's strategic enough to make for interesting games that aren't just frag, frag, frag. Great job Lunaran.
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QZ unregistered
#91   31 Jul 2000
This is a simply amazing map for FFA's and Team DM. There reallly aren't a whole lot of custom maps out there that are really good for team play. Good work Lunaran.
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Bart D. unregistered
#90   25 Jul 2000
i like the fog in this map...

concept is good...

the annoying thing is that its basically a large box map, where you find yourself running around in circles around the building...

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Crumble unregistered
#89   10 Jul 2000
This map Rocks !!
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Xplosive unregistered
#88   08 Jul 2000
Nice, nice and nice once more.

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Zarathustra unregistered
#87   07 Jul 2000
I think it is now safe to say that this map is a bona-fide Quake III Arena classic.


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Maniac unregistered
#86   05 Jul 2000
Man this Map rocks
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BigFreakinGun unregistered
#85   01 Jul 2000
I want to shoot that bird down so badly! You should be able to somehow shoot down the bird and get a 200 health or something. Try to hit it with a rocket.
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FUBAR unregistered
#84   30 Jun 2000
Lunaran is pure genius! Only one thing. One of the corners in the bottom floor of the building there is a spot where there is a pack of railgun ammo. Sometimes a bot gets stuck there. (makes him an easy target!)
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Exec. unregistered
#83   28 Jun 2000
nice gameplay, unbelieveable atmosphere, (nur geil)
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Greengiant unregistered
#82   25 Jun 2000
Very nice, and very big map... I think it begins to be funny with at least 7 players, other while, u just spend two days looking for ech other

The storm is really great, not too important, as in q3tourney5, but enough for an ambiance.... The bird in the sky is just cooool... I agree that there should be more than one rocket launcher, since you need it to get the Quad....

Other wise very cool map... I ggave a 7

Good Job lunaran

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locutus_MP unregistered
#81   15 Jun 2000

You call Half-Life original? Have you ever heard of Doom? Let's see... laboratory which is performing dangerous secret experiments suddenly gets invaded by alien forces because of those same experiments. You (alone) must beat them back, eventually crossing over to their realm to do so. No, that doesn't sound familiar at all...

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SUssichiimaaern unregistered
#80   15 Jun 2000
One of the best fot its apocalyptic ambiance !
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RedFive unregistered
#79   14 Jun 2000
Tigger, you GOTTA see Lunaran's newest map !!! As much as this one was big and beautiful, the new one is smaller and WAY more intense! Five minutes into a game with two bots I was laughing with glee !!!
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grind unregistered
#78   08 Jun 2000
Awesome map for 3 on 3. Had a blast playing it that way tonight. Would have like a touch more RL ammo however.

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Gollum unregistered
#77   30 May 2000

nice 1 Lun,

this roks, beaten by 1 and only 1 other map - runtfest, BRILL


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BigFreakinGun unregistered
#76   28 May 2000
This map rules. It seems so realistic and stuff. If you play one bot, of course gameplay will suck. Throw in about 10 bots. Then it kicks ass.
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Shadow unregistered
#75   20 May 2000
It was fun to run around, but battles are small and scattered as there is nothing in the open areas to draw much attention.

Great scenery, but game play isn’t that good.

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Sp0ofY unregistered
#74   09 May 2000
gr8 map - i started it up, looked round and was amazed. brilliant & original idea and finished well.

played a bot and found it isn't about visuals. it might be just me but the gameplay was crap - bad item placement in my view.

sorry about this but it couldv'e been so much more. a disapointinting 5 ;(

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lavalamp unregistered
#73   09 May 2000
Great map..Love the Bird flying aroud outside..u got a 10+ on this one
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EeViaC unregistered
#72   08 May 2000
just to let you know vempire, although I'm not really sure why, picmip > 5 is considered a cheat and not allowed in cpl.
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[C41]Liquid unregistered
#71   08 May 2000
WOW! Super atmosphere. WOW!

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DeStRoYeR unregistered
#70   06 May 2000
my favorite map. just something about it. Maybe because its so realistic.
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Rave unregistered
#69   05 May 2000
tnx man :o)
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VeMPiRe unregistered
#68   04 May 2000
to Rave: cg_fov 120

tip: use

cg_drawgun 0

cg_drawfps 1

cg_crosshairsize 15

r_picmip 9


:-) it decreases the eyecandy but increases the playability dramatically. Sorry about off-topic, I'm downloading the map and will review it l8r :)

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Rave unregistered
#67   01 May 2000
OH YES does anyone know how to change the FOV FIELD of vision in quake arena and glide quake?

Software quake was simple: fov 90 or fov 120 you know. Please help me out on this.

Sometimes there's something fishy about quake so....

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Rave unregistered
#66   01 May 2000
I asked peeps if this map was one levelord's site. and tigger-on showed me the light. It has been a while, but better late then never. :B

This map looks stunning and very original. Can't wait 2 play it.

Originality is so important.

Perfect example: half life ;)

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Steinecke unregistered
#65   30 Apr 2000
Indeed: Some bots' skills are bigger than other bots' skills. (Stolen by Randy Newman).
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DBD unregistered
#64   29 Apr 2000
About bot taking the quad damage, the most skilled bots can take the quad damage even at Hurt Me Plenty, for example Major which isn't a high-skilled fighter but an overall high-skilled bot.
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DBD unregistered
#63   29 Apr 2000
Kaled, about infinite awaiting gamestate perhaps you have in your config:

seta g_filterBan "0"

Then try :

seta g_filterBan "1"

This should correct your problem but well I can't understand how you could have the wrong value, perhaps a manipulation error. At least check that.

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DBD unregistered
#62   29 Apr 2000
Just agree with you Neptune and many other, fantastic mood. It's few in comparison to gameplay but for me it seems more and more obvious that look and mood take a major part in the gameplay and replay value of a map. The gameplay is also excellent but not so awesome, probably doesn't worth a 10, more a 9 but the look&mood certainly worth a 11 so I gave it too a 10.
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Lord Neptune unregistered
#61   29 Apr 2000
This map is one of the best I've seen to date. Great attention to detail! Every aspect of it ruled, in my opinion. The bird was a great touch! <Especially with the sound of it screeching! > The fog was the topper, though. Just the right thickness so you could taste it! I give this map a 10 and definitely am going to replay it soon!
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Steinecke unregistered
#60   27 Apr 2000
I tried something new: using my brain for thinking, and I realized that my early critics for this map have been childish. So right now Igave a 10 to correct my former score.
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-XENO- unregistered
#59   26 Apr 2000
A 10! Excellent atmosphere and lots of connecting passageways to ensure you MUST check your 6:00 every half second or risk a nasty slug or electric prod up the butt. Tons of opportunities to happen upon a battle involving heavy weapons and pick off the damaged combatants with your machine gun ;-) (I like playing clean-up when I've freshly spawned)

I know this isn't supposed to be a Dune map, but the feel is there and a good project on similar lines might be a Dune CTF map with seitch caverns for one team and an Imperial lighter or outpost for the other with rolling sand dunes and craggy rocks between. Just an idea free for the taking.

Witz is right about teamplay potential. With friendly damage on this would make for a tense and gripping team game.

As for those who complain about bot matches, try Hardcore or Nightmare - the bots really kick ass and they will go for the power-ups. (Sarge splattered me good with the quad shotty once)

Hope to see some more from Lunaran!

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RiO unregistered
#58   23 Apr 2000
Hey Kaled..

Have you tried rebooting... works for me. Failing that check that sv_pure = 0, and make sure you aren't running any other RAM eating things (eg Quake 2 in background). Although don't bother with Kahoos as it aint worth playing.


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kaled unregistered
#57   23 Apr 2000
arrrrg help!

I want to play this map SOOOO badly, but I can't. Q3 gets to awaiting gamestate then kicks back to the main menu!

the same thing happens every time with khaoos (or however it's spelleded)


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Redrum unregistered
#56   20 Apr 2000
Well put together map with good attention to detail. Love the use of fog, very atmospheric and circling bird. More outside area would have been nice, what there was was promising but like a first bite at the cherry there wasn't enough.
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Ray unregistered
#55   20 Apr 2000
This map combines the best of game architecture and gameplay. Graphics gets 9, gameplay gets 9. Overall, 9 :)
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Zabriskie Point unregistered
#54   20 Apr 2000
SiCdeth, I absolutely agree with you concerning the bot factor, there should be (playable) bots on every custom map .. Coriolis Storm is in fact a good map with focus on amazing graphics - I rank it a 7
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Arse unregistered
#53   20 Apr 2000
I like the original design, but I found the map too maze-like. Spent most of my time trying to find my way around. BTW, I found that the bots' paths are not programmed to go get the heavy hitters. Made it too easy to waste them.
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SiCdeth unregistered
#52   18 Apr 2000
aragorn, the only reason why i comment on the bot play is because i am not as fortunate as the rest of you to have a high speed connection with wich to play on the internet, and i know some of you are thinkin "oh hes whining" but im not, i just think that a level should be made with the bots in mind too, because not all of us get to play w/ other real humans.
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Jimbo unregistered
#51   18 Apr 2000
I've been playing this map for some time before it was released on this site.

When newbies to quake 3 get through all the regular maps, it's this one I recommend first.

It has outstanding atmosphere, great gameplay , very cool colors. I can't find a single flaw in it worth mentioning. In fact , I think it's better than some of the original quake 3 maps.

Still playable after several months, can't wait to try it out on multiplayer : )

10/10 !!! enough said - DOWNLOAD IT NOW .

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BBobBobbyEwing unregistered
#50   18 Apr 2000
I give a 10 to the appearance,

great atmosphere and for how

unique it is compared to many levels I've seen. Very good!

The ten is diminished because of the gameplay I can't dig (yet?). With 4 bots in it I often find myself in corridors

endlessly doing left right left right corners for example wihtout a meeting. So I gave a totaal of 9 because its looking very nice and its a joy to be in your creation. (The eagle...good idea!)

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Steinecke unregistered
#49   18 Apr 2000
I'd like to correct my very harsh statements on this map I made a few days ago. Lunaran and me -we had contact per email and I told him I'm sorry for my harshness and he (or she)-a friendly person- made me aware of limitations caused by the engine.

I'm happy, he (or she) is not angry.

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Hi-C unregistered
#48   18 Apr 2000
Love it. This puts me in mind of the first time a custom dm map made my jaw drop...that feeling of, "Yessssss, the game is new all over again."

BTW: caught it over on Rectum 2's server, where it's in rotation.

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LePig unregistered
#47   17 Apr 2000
This map may be the greatest indie map i've ever played. It's got some of th best gameflow I've ever expierienced and some great kickass action. First of all, there isn't just one G-Spot. Brawls sprawl up all over the place. Second, you can own with any weapon. I remember Sarge frisking my ass away with the Super Shotgun as I pumped grenades into Klesk's Railgun. You don't see that many indie maps where you can own with any weapon, and this quality is very crucial to a l33t map. Third, the eyecandy is excellent. There's this bird that flys in circles around a sand dune with a half-buried skull in it. Outside, it's really misty and inside it looks like an abandoned Q3A Fortess, with Q3 logos resting on torn up flags. Too kewl. Fourth, and most important, it is VERY original. This get's a wicked 10 from me. Why the hell are you still reading? Download it now!
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Kenneth MacDonald unregistered
#46   16 Apr 2000
A great level,I downloaded the first release too but I like this one a little better,I love the sand piled up in some of the corners and the skull half buried,also the bird in the sky.

All in ALL a great level.I really enjoy fraggin in this level.

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speedy unregistered
#45   16 Apr 2000
I lika bird man..

Is so peaceful there man.. a place hve a rest, to thoughtfuly walk around a bit.. that slow groovy fan.. I`d leave there man

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aragorn unregistered
#44   16 Apr 2000
Great map, loved the first release as well. Atmosphere out the yang, good layout & weapon placement, blah blah blah. Just a bit of a rant, but I don't think, imo, that ppl should use botplay as a judge on a maps score - for the simple fact that the bots in q3 are horrible. (10)
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than unregistered
#43   16 Apr 2000
"lun, the music works fine and fits the map, I was just pointing that out."

no, I was also pointing out that I got the ickle error that's all. It worked fine otherwise.


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Kaled unregistered
#42   16 Apr 2000
haven't played the map yet, but am aghast at the gaming communities lack of knowledge of sci-fi literature. I haven't read all of the 40-odd posts, but I saw one which called coriolis storm a "weird name! DUNE, PEOPLE. You know, Frank Herbert, one of the greatest sci-fi writers of ALL TIME! JEsus, a cotiolis sotrm was a sans-storm on the desert world know as either dune or arrakis. Since I loved the books I can't wait to see a dune-inspired level. My review post will be up as soon as my food-poisoning lets me be.
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than unregistered
#41   16 Apr 2000
lun, the music works fine and fits the map, I was just pointing that out.

I'd also like to know what is childish about the texturing - seems very nicely done to me. Maybe you d/led another map and commented in the wrong thread, eh, Steinecke.

I also find that the map flows just as well as the id maps. Well, no, I lie, it flows a lot better than 90% of the id maps.


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SiCdeth unregistered
#40   15 Apr 2000
this map was pretty good, the gameplay was alright but the bots didnt go for the quad/haste. i got a bit laggy around the rl because thats where the bots usually clumped around, the texturing and architechture (is that how u spell it?) was good, but thats the way alot of maps have been lately, all the same style in every single room, it gets boring, and imo maps with varied styles of rooms are more fun to play in. overall good map, but kinda boring.


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BattleMaster unregistered
#39   15 Apr 2000
Turn off logging by putting seta g_log "" in your autoexec.cfg.
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0xide unregistered
#38   14 Apr 2000
All games are logged on your own server, even by typing /map lun3dm1 and then adding bots. Logging is disabled for singleplayer games started from the menu.


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Bob Banjo unregistered
#37   14 Apr 2000
hey shambler- you seem to be a fuckwit. if you don't like q3 what are you doing here?
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ShoveL unregistered
#36   14 Apr 2000
Lunaran, you've created one of the most interesting, inspired and original maps to date!

Keep em coming!


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BattleMaster unregistered
#35   14 Apr 2000
This is the best DM map I have seen for any game. Great job!
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Lunaran unregistered
#34   14 Apr 2000
The music goes in baseq3/music, like the text file says. It isn't stereo because the original music had little or no stereo effect, so why double file size for nothing?

Steinecke: What, pray tell, is childish about the texturing? I ask not to start an argument, I'm just curious.

(The bots use powerups a lot more on higher difficulty settings.)

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OO7MIKE unregistered
#33   14 Apr 2000
I fired up this map for a look and suddenly it seemed very familiar. I have played this before. Why post it again. IT be fixed mon! An excellent map! OF course i didnt get lost this time. Stange thing happened with this version. I began then i fragged on person and there was no one to be seen. I could have sworn there was more bots! not even the consil was beeping ..then all of a sudden bammmmmmm!!! Total choas in one room! The bots now go everywhere. This patern seems to happen about once a game and not always in the begining. I liked it . I felt paranoid! Hehe. 9/10 Missing some flow that the best of the best maps have. (nit picking) Download Now!
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nemo unregistered
#32   14 Apr 2000

Great layout and beautiful architechture, but it manages to maintain a low polygon count.

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Nybec unregistered
#31   14 Apr 2000
Very nice but it doesn't have the flow that id's maps have, so I can't give it more than a 8 (8.5). Damn nice work with the atmosphere. I like the desert theme very, very, very much.
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Octovus unregistered
#30   14 Apr 2000
Cool map...I'd say more but its been said. =) Oh yeah, I really liked the lg "explosion" area...looks like something big happened there. Anyone who's played sp hl: reminds me off "Questionable Ethics" when you find your first high tech weapon. (The one that shoots through walls, sorry I don't remember the name =P).

L8rs! Octovus

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RedFive unregistered
#29   14 Apr 2000
OOPS! Forgot the word "have" before "v1" in my post.
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RedFive unregistered
#28   14 Apr 2000
AT LAST! I can finally put my well deserved 10 in here !!! Maps like this are what I dream about after a big night on Quake servers. It seems as though the place is just crawling with corridors and the sandstorm effect is just to die for. I still v1 of this map so I guess I must upgrade NOW !!! Good job Lunaran, and please make more grand maps such as this !!!
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Antonio unregistered
#27   14 Apr 2000
OUTSTANDING!! Much better than ID:s origanal maps, this one should be included in the original q3maps

Lunarian: make more maps with same theme & textures!

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Witz unregistered
#26   14 Apr 2000
Doh - put a 1 before that 5 and you're closer to the real figure.
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Witz unregistered
#25   14 Apr 2000
Great map. It might have been designed for FFA but it's gonna get a damn good run out in team dm. I help run a 54 clan league in the UK and we've got it scheduled for week 6 of the season. Should be cool :)


Oh, and Steinecke - get real!

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0ozE unregistered
#24   14 Apr 2000
what do u do with the wav file, just put it in baseq3?
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Steinecke unregistered
#23   14 Apr 2000
I forgot to enter my name. This map is not ok. The bots don't take advantage of powerups, they bunching on the same spot.

Texturing ist childish and cheap.

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than unregistered
#22   14 Apr 2000
hey, lun, you know I like the map. I also d/led the music yesterday which fits the map quite nicely but when you have high quality sound turned on you get a little error message saying "warning: lun3dm1.wav is not 22khz stereo" or something. Nevermind, I dunno why Q3 has to show such a pointless little error message anyway, it should log errors in a file which can be turned on or off.

That reminds me, does anyone know how to turn off game logging? it's fucking annoying to see this useless log file sitting in my q3 dir which is often in the 1mb region. I know it doesn't matter really but I get annoyed by these things :)

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]-[appy unregistered
#21   14 Apr 2000
Check the map's music from the hp:
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MogWaEE unregistered
#20   13 Apr 2000
This map deserves all the praise it can get! It's highly packed in atmosphere and the gameplay is great: tucking away the RL is a great idea! I give this one a 9.5 (rounded up to 10)!
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Slyko unregistered
#19   13 Apr 2000
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Yngwie unregistered
#18   13 Apr 2000
Shambler - P.S. not knowing every person from the qboard doesnt qualify me as a "Prime Retard"


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Yngwie unregistered
#17   13 Apr 2000
Shambler, I wasnt really referring to everyone at the qboard - there were alot of cool people there - and i have nothing against ANYONE there, in fact i have a great respect for most of the names i saw there. And I never hung around there enough to know lunaran. I just read the thread about the qboard shutting down and saw quite a few people saying that there are absolutely no good q3a maps coming out - and i thought this map was proof otherwise.

No offense dude

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Deadstar unregistered
#16   13 Apr 2000
Great job Lun, but you already knew that ;)
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Lakron unregistered
#15   13 Apr 2000
Well, I think it's about time a level with some unique-ness comes about, I think I, and most other people, are quite used to the classic "Gothic-Castle" arena, and It's a very nice change, looks great! Can't wait to play the Authors next release.

Oh yeah, I'm not saying there aren't any other unique levels around, 'cause there's bound to be the odd person now who will start mouthin me off. Another personal favorite of mine is Senndm2, and other maps by him. But, on a side-note, that's quite the weird name, Coriolis Storm, but kinda kewl =)

And finally, I agree with Jim, I'd easily give this map an 11 if possible, that'd be kewl.

Great Job Lunaran!

Lakron (

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Sehlio unregistered
#14   13 Apr 2000
A great looking map thats alot of fun for the bigger games. Ive had several 100 frag games with bots on hardcore and they were always fun.
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Jim unregistered
#13   13 Apr 2000
If it were possible to give a map an 11- this would be the map that gets it.
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Lunaran unregistered
#12   13 Apr 2000
I'm very glad you all like it so much. Especially mr. anonymous (who is indeed entitled to his own opinions.)

If you're running a server with this map, please send me the name and IP, because I'm keeping a list (currently small) of servers running this map on my site.


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4Fuxache unregistered
#11   13 Apr 2000
Very nice
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not entered unregistered
#10   13 Apr 2000
Flags hanging free in the air like ghosts. Texturing with the wrong textures on the wrong places. Not really bot-friendly.

But the atmosphere is there.

I think, this is a 6.

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Shambler unregistered
#9   13 Apr 2000
Yngwie, you a prime retard, Lunaran IS one of the "snobby chumps" at the QBoard - in fact that's where I 'met' him and beta-tested his first Q2 DM map ages before he became famous with this one. In fact, QBoard afficiandos know there are some great Q3A maps, because most of them are made by people who are/were QBoard regulars (Lunaran, Peej, Bal, Vondur, Spog, Renegade etc etc). However, unlike some people they also recognise that there are a LOT of shite Q3A maps out there, and unlike some people are prepared to say so.

P.S. Awesome map, unparalleled atmosphere....shame about Q3A's gameplay and horrid items, shame it's not SP.

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0xide unregistered
#8   13 Apr 2000
This map ownz.
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rhess unregistered
#7   13 Apr 2000
the best q3a map to date just got better!!!


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driller unregistered
#6   13 Apr 2000
This map defines "atmosphere".

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^^Ch@os^^ unregistered
#5   13 Apr 2000
I've been playing this map since it's first release. The atmosphere is unmatched, the level of detail is incredible. The gameplay flows nicely, and I like how the RL is tucked in a corner, both hard to find if you dont look closely, and also a trap if anyone sees you going for it. Great map! I can not wait for more from Lunaran. I'm hosting this on my server, and people love it.
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Mr Masher unregistered
#4   13 Apr 2000
Very very nice ! Respect !

I like the black bird. Nice touch.

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Origami unregistered
#3   13 Apr 2000
This one is my favourite custom map to date. Atmosphere,

gameflow, skilled map-design - it's all there. Even better than some of the ID maps IMO. I am looking forward to the next release(s) of the author!

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Yngwie unregistered
#2   13 Apr 2000
Very Impressive. This map has the coolest atmosphere of any I've yet tried for Q3 - all of those snobby chumps at the Qboard who are saying there arent any good maps coming out for Q3 should check this out.
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pyzak unregistered
#1   13 Apr 2000
looks nice :)
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