Mario Arena
Mario Arena by Pen-Pen
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Vicarious Rep. 158
#45   26 Feb 2018
fantastic map. all it needs is more rooms and bot files and it would be perfect.
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Hipshot Rep. 256
#44   01 Sep 2014
I'm gonna vote high on this, because this level kinda defines what Q3 custom mapping once was.
You make a fun strange level and it works. Not pro, but in LANs with your friends, it's just plain fun and random.
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Ulysses unregistered
#43   18 Aug 2013
awsome !!!
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jacob unregistered
#42   07 Nov 2012
i liked this game
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LuigiFan64 unregistered
#41   18 Jun 2012
Fantastic. Made me smile.

My favorite things:

  1. Mario.
  2. Quake.
  3. Minecraft.
Well, scratch number 3 because what the hell does Minecraft have to do with this. But both of my top favorite things are here. Mario + Quake. Awesome. =D

Great map!

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FragTastic Rep. 2353
#40   07 Jan 2012
Brilliant :)
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legomario114 unregistered
#39   17 Apr 2011
no bots but its still fine
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Look at me, Mario! unregistered
#38   09 Mar 2011
why you didnt added the aas file? i want to fight with Mario bot in this map!!!!
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LookAtMeMario! unregistered
#37   09 Mar 2011
no bots? WHY??????
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BlueParadicey Rep. 44
#36   17 Jan 2011
I was about to download this but i can't play with bots in it -.-
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SW12 unregistered
#35   10 Jan 2011
Thats really a sad thing. ;_; I know I keep talking about it non-stop, but to get a somewhat sp experience, play it with the Hunt mod if you have the Mario player models. Only issue then is guards shoot you thru the ground. -.-
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#34   08 Jun 2010
Have generated AAS file for this map (24MB, ouch !) : it makes the game crash when you play with bots and go to the roof of the castle... I think this is the reason why AAS file is missing.
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lol unregistered
#33   26 Mar 2010
I hate this map, it has no Bot AAS file.
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PaN61 Rep. 385
#32   06 Mar 2010
I have a Nintendo 64 and Super Mario 64 is my favourite game of all the games I have for the Nintendo 64. I would have really enjoyed if you can jump into the pictures and explore other levels.


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Takeshi unregistered
#31   03 Jul 2003
I would've given this a lot higher score if it had bot file. PenPen, are you gonna add one?
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Duke unregistered
#30   28 Sep 2001
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Knight Cloud unregistered
#29   12 Jun 2001
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C├ęsar unregistered
#28   11 Feb 2001
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antimatter unregistered
#27   09 Jan 2001

This is a mixed bag. On one hand, you have a beautiful conversion of a Nintendo game...albeit with horrible fps. Personally, I'd love to see a Legend of Zelda or Mega Man themed map(Castle of Hyrule? Dark World? Mega Man 3?)

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P'oed unregistered
#26   18 Sep 2000
dont download this. theres no bot file, which i didnt notice before i downloaded it(Helps to read)So i am sure i will never get to play it. And the file is so big, just so they could put some songs in. Leave out the songs ok, its not worth it.
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Janus unregistered
#25   22 Aug 2000
Yeah, jump into the pics for a quad damage or something
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leobaby unregistered
#24   04 Jun 2000
Fun to explore, but YOU CANT JUMP INTO THE PICTURES...

That was a really big let down for me.

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$u$h| }{ unregistered
#23   21 May 2000
YO Pen-Pen, i say you go for more game based maps. The likeness is amazing in Q3A. Very well done and thought out. Personally, Id like to see you do another cartoony, video game based world. I got no preference! Good job ont his map pen-pen.
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Gr|m_r@p|$t unregistered
#22   21 May 2000
HAHAHA, I luv the creativity! a nice, cute, gay kinda atmosphere, then WHAM! In come the Q3A contestants and bloody up the place. Mario, in a violent, grueling game of deathmatch is what Im talkin about! ((Note: fix up the bot support, Im dyin to play the bots!))
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foxhound unregistered
#21   20 May 2000
this map may suck but it is creative it is yet another try

to leave the same old crap behind and try something new

for example in quake2 the only

creative new maps were action

quake maps. plus the auther will

probabley make a second version

that rocks. so give the guy some


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Nekomancer unregistered
#20   18 May 2000
It's really coll for sightseeing,

The outside yard is so beatiful. ^_^

This map would make N64 look dumb!

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droopy drawers unregistered
#19   04 May 2000
this is a damn fun map,coulda made a few of the rooms a lil bit bigger but it has some good camping spots and if you get on top of the castle and jump of the side by the sky you can get under the map for a armor shred
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not entered unregistered
#18   02 May 2000
this map has kakworm-a virus attached to it....
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Migg unregistered
#17   26 Apr 2000
Oh yeah, get rid of the jukeboxes, but keep the music playing by default. I would like for the castle to look more like the N64(the roof). It is workable.
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Migg unregistered
#16   26 Apr 2000
It is a very cool looking map. I really enjoyed bouncing around it like I was playing mario64 again, but in very high detail. A really great idea, just not quite yet fully realized. I was wonderfully surprised by the visuals when I loded it up for the first time. Although the coloration still isn't as vibrant as on the N64. Rework the castle bigtime, increasing the scale of the castle mainly. It seems to me that there will be future releases, and I hope this level becomes something truly great.
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dEaD unregistered
#15   23 Apr 2000
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BiLLy unregistered
#14   23 Apr 2000
Yer, the lack of bot support & getting under the level sux0rs, but the theme is great & it runs way better than Ultra-HLE ;-)
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Dark Cheetah unregistered
#13   19 Apr 2000
Wow, Pen-Pen had a little too much time on his hands. Even though I hate Mario and Nintendo, I still love this map. It's really fun DM (untill everyone figures out how to get under the level) and it's DEAD ON the one from Mario 64. I'd give it a 10 but there's 2 BIG glitches that annoy me (The ceiling in one room is collapsed in a part, and you can get under the level) and there's no bot file (I play on a LAN but I still want bots damnit!) . If this level was fixed up a bit and had a bot file I would five it a 15/10 so if Pen-Pen ever read this, FIX IT UP and it will be one of the best most orgional maps out there for Q3A! (8)
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mighty mabster unregistered
#12   19 Apr 2000
this level is a great idea and i think that every one thats complaining about it being a frame rate killer should stop moaning and get a decent PC runs perfectly on my machine.
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smartasspunk unregistered
#11   18 Apr 2000
Shame! shame shame shame! :(

No bot file. shame!

Yeah it's a bitch not everyone

can play much on lan or the net.

I sucks. I did it a couple of times and it was fantastic! netdm duh :)

But when I read the comment on this map, I don't think it's worth the download. Why didn't the author get rid of the leaks etc...was he too lazy?

Maps that leak, no matter how pretty they are, are lame.

Damn shame :(sniff

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SiCdeth unregistered
#10   18 Apr 2000
whats wrong with n64 huh, j?
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OO7MIKE unregistered
#9   18 Apr 2000
Yep its cute. If it was layed out better i could see this as being a great map. Gothic can get tiring. A bit to many pollys near the rocket launcher.

6/10 5 megs to big .No bots to play with. Rocket jumping to the wrong place will get you to a strange HOM place that would scare the bajesus out of Mario.

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j unregistered
#8   17 Apr 2000
ANYONE who has an N64 should not be playing q3a anyway, it is an insult.
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Sanchez unregistered
#7   15 Apr 2000
Okay, i saw the map, i said kick ass... i played the map, i said... WTF IS THIS PIECE OF SHIT? seriously... i mean it goes all good until u suddenly fly out of level, thus making urself invisible to all other players and ur able to shoot anyone thru any wall.. even snipe them when there in the castle.. ITS GAY! i suppose if the author WOULDVE SPENT more time on this map the idea had potiential... maybe add a bot file.. BUT hey who am i to complain... i say nice job on the map watch out for the glitches... thx... i give this map a 4 coz it has potential, nice looking... item placement sucked (wtf u get like tons of ammo in one step)... little small in the rooms and the glitches... OH THE GLITCHES.. i liked the jukeboxes... but hey who cares if ur fragging away right?
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scary_man unregistered
#6   14 Apr 2000
erm.. 10megs for a map?

woah =)

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Jim unregistered
#5   14 Apr 2000
A bit too coincidental that this zip file overwrites the mario CTF and the pk3 is also overwritten when I unzip to my baseq3 dir. This one is not as immersive in the mario feel- but it works better as a quake map- and also looks better than the CTF one. Inside the castle there were too many dead ends, but the outside areas were nice- even though I found a place where you can jump out of the map (and end up underneath it if you wander a bit).

I nice novelty map- but I probably won't keep it very long.

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AmranX unregistered
#4   14 Apr 2000
This is one of the most kick ass maps I've ever seen! Now I don't need my N64 anymore! ;)

you should include a behind view camra and a mario model next time to make it even cooler!


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Peek a Boo unregistered
#3   13 Apr 2000
I like it - it's different

and it runs fine on my system without a geForce.

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[Beowulf]Weasel unregistered
#2   13 Apr 2000
A huge map that kills framerate even on my geForce. I do not recomend this one for DM, maybe just to look around but what's the point? If you're looking for a frame rate killer, try this map.
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Beguile unregistered
#1   13 Apr 2000
Actually, the other mario map has the same pk3 as this one. This one has been around for quite awhile...
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