Stairway to Heaven
Stairway to Heaven by Itchy
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gooball Rep. 1081
#7   06 Jul 2011
This one is nice. 8/10
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SumPhuka unregistered
#6   18 Apr 2000
By the way, this is my first and only map at the moment!!
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SumPhuka unregistered
#5   16 Apr 2000
Just thought I'd say, hey, I made that! :) q3zvendm2 coming soon.......
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Bear unregistered
#4   16 Apr 2000
So it's not super fast with everything turned way up high - so what! It still looks cool and plays fast enough for me... even with my snail like graphics card. The bots are dumb, or maybe just plain suicidal? Either way, they do themselves no favours. I like this map, but it could do with a more vertical element, 2 or 3 floors usually do the trick.

All in all a fine way to share 50 or so frags amongst your buddies.

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OO7MIKE unregistered
#3   14 Apr 2000
A good example of where art can get in the way of gameplay. It looks great. A very artsy arena style. We the majority have slower computers and cant enjoy this one. In the future perhaps.

Now im not shure if those were slippery serfaces or that was a vacuum sucking those bots in. Well they never had a chance (or a frag) until i stoped and watched them. They all had negative frags and i had 10 so i was in in no hurry. It seems these holes can be used as and advantage. Nice to see a few new ideas..7/10. fix those bots!

higher frames please!!

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( : Seph : ) unregistered
#2   13 Apr 2000
I guess i like it too! The slippery surface around the pits is a good idea (something I haven't seen before), although this could have been worked on a little more (the bots love to jump in)! :)
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Marc unregistered
#1   13 Apr 2000
This map is well made and looks good, good fun with more players 8+ Quad damage has good placement, watch out for slipery floor, going for the red armour leads to huge scraps under the tower! well placed weapons and health, only gets a bit slow on lower spec machines!
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