War of Angels
War of Angels by Quint

A small, open arena with a "mayan / aztec" design. It is in essence, a space map or floater with an open middle area surrounded by some platforms on the sides. What stands out from the design is the floor in the middle which is mostly made of a bounce surface. That is, you cannot walk over it but you can use it to jump around. Although it can look fun, there seems to be no real purpose for it. It is probably one of those features you either love or hate. I'm on the second category.

There are other odd features around like some rotating pillars that act instead of a jumppad to launch you across the map. Some spikes that seem not to hurt you and a wall that will to open when a target is hit below the spinning columns, sending people to their death if are in the wrong spot. The uniqueness of the texture set will either be a fresh look and welcoming or a clash for people. Some textures are a little loss, like the one for the bounce on the platforms.

Having said this, the gameplay of the map is good. Bots play very well and there is a nice selection of weapons and powerups.

It's an ok map to play a few rounds but, at least to me, not a keeper.

Reviewed by raspatan

Tigs notes: A fresh look for the space map theme that plays well. Well worth the download for fans of this map type. Makes for a great visual change.

Ranked: 4.3 out of 5 (8 votes)

Download: War of Angels by Quint