East Berlin Roofs
East Berlin Roofs by Zihaben & Alex Vishnevsky

This map is a completely original styled map, as when I booted up the map I was actually somewhat surprised that it was for Q3. The author says that the map depicts a post-WWII East Berlin. The map takes place on the roof of a skyscraper in a gigantic metropolis area. The skybox which was made by the author shows all of the other towers and buildings that surround the one that you are on, and if you look off of the edge of the building you can see the ground below which shows how very high you are up in the air. The skybox alone is amazing.

All of the textures, and models were made by the author, and it shows quite a lot of talent. The launchpads are moving conveyors belts and they look quite real. There are elevators that when you get to the top floor of them, a door opens to let you out.

The map is huge in itself and you could load in a lot of players but the map is very wide open, so you better have a good computer to run it on. There is a tall structure on the map which you have to use the launchpads to get up on, and on the top of it there is a Rail Gun sitting there. I'm sure the Rail Gun campers will love it a lot. Also on this structure is a LG and PG, but they are on different floors. A Flight Powerup is included on the map that is fun to use, but it kind of makes you an open target. The map comes with it's own music which was made by Alex Vishnevsky, which is a very good soundtrack.

The map is a definite keeper!

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Ranked: 4.5 out of 5 (71 votes)

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