Gajapoor by Zihaben & Yan Zaraki

The map Gajapoor takes you into the inner courtyard of a detailed palace complex deep inside the orient. It features lots of beautiful textures, shaders and models made by the mapper. Combined with good lighting and very suitable sounds, the atmosphere is great. I almost felt a bit ashamed to kill Quake bots in this calm place.

The layout is rather simple and symmetric with jumppads that take you over the small central building. The bots navigate the map OK but seem to avoid the underwater passage to the BFG and seem to use the jumppads rather randomly. The bots also fail to pick up the BFG. Item placement is OK, but the map seems to have very few spawn points.

The level appears to have been made for the architecture and aesthetics with game play coming second. It is successful but the visuals are much stronger than the game play.

Grab this one and enjoy the great atmosphere, you won't be fragging your buddies on it all night long though.

Reviewed by spirit

Missing textures? Mapsking has sent in a small patch file that will correct the missing textures. 4th Oct, 2019

Ranked: 4.2 out of 5 (37 votes)

Download: Gajapoor by Zihaben & Yan Zaraki