by acid
rushed by acid

This medium-sized arena by acid is best suited for small TDM games or FFA. The map is very vertical with lots of possibilities to change height levels quickly, including jumppads, teleporters and many steel girders that seem to ask for rampjumps with CPMA physics. Though not explicitly stated in the readme, many aspects of the map suggest that it was designed with ProMode in mind, and that's what I tested it with.

The map offers some cover but does not allow you to hide from your opponents too much. Item placement is spot on and the structure of the map is very clear with few details. The map feels a bit blocky because it seems to avoid the usage of curves. Due to good texturing and lighting, the map is far from ugly though. The textures made by the map author remind me of a construction site a bit.

Bots play the map well, but even the CPMA bots seem to consider the jump to RA too tough and don't even try to grab it. I can imagine some serious games on this map and I encourage you to download it.

Reviewed by spirit

Ranked: 4.2 out of 5 (29 votes)

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