by acid
rushed by acid
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FragTastic Rep. 2297
#7   15 Jun 2012
Why didn't I notice this map earlier?!. It's amazing :). The environment really suited the map well and gave me a tingly feeling every time I meet a bot head to head. It's a wonderful experience and I'm sure everyone would love it. 10/10.
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Mr. Lake unregistered
#6   31 May 2008
Kind of reminds me of Bunker. ;)

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Tig Rep. 1604
#5   31 May 2008
Some maps are reviewed very quick others (like CTF and RA3 ones) can sit on the map queue - - for a long time. This is because the reviews are done by the community members, so people seem to pick the levels from the queue at random.

Please do not continue this discussion here however, as it has nothing to do with this level.

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Someone unregistered
#4   31 May 2008
Hey -- how long does it normally take between someone submitting a map or a review and it prompting an update of the site?
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wakey Rep. 183
#3   28 May 2008
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Anonymous unregistered
#2   22 Apr 2008
yeye kitsy we know ;) it my fav map in warsow and i like to play it in q3a,so acid great job man
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kitsy unregistered
#1   14 Apr 2008
Map was designed and made for warsow originally.
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