graviton by redfella

graviton is redfella's latest death match release. Map presentation fits the alien contact theme; the author, having designed the map to this, has done well. The textures are not very detailed, but the geometry is used in a way that works with this excellently. Lighting is far from flat, and looks realistic because most of it looks as though it is coming from textures looking like light sources. Music also supports the theme; a fabulous track by SonicClang really does sound alien like, and is worth listening to even if you only play it once from the pack file instead of in game.

Game play is pretty good and the complexity of the map makes it brilliant for offensive and defensive players alike. Though I do have a problem regarding item placement. The positioning of weapons and ammo means that sometimes you are moving around the map with only a machine gun and gauntlet in hand. Getting up to MegaHealth takes a fair bit skill; jumping up the platforms can be quite a chore, and this can often be spoiled if someone spawns up there.

Deathmatch is the best game type to play this map in, but a 2vs2 Team Deathmatch can be relatively fun (although the slower weapon re-spawn of Team Deathmatch can make running around with spawn weapons an easy thing).

This is definitely worth the download, and those who like complex maps may even wish to keep it in their map collection for a long time.

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Ranked: 4.5 out of 5 (21 votes)

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