The Nudge
by on-X
The Nudge by on-X

This is a nice CTF remix of Q3DM6, much like Q3WCP14 from Threewave. Excellent use is made of the central jumppad, YA stairs and Rail-to-Bridge jump areas from Q3DM6. Textures courtesy of EvilLair are used reasonably well, with good Red/Blue colouring. Lighting is generally even, but a couple of patches in the flag room are too dark on lightmap lighting. Bots work as well as possible for a CTF map, but having played this map several times in competition I can tell you that human opponents is where its at!

Gameplay is fast and furious with the flag surprisingly hard to defend. This also leads to some very tense flag stand-offs. RA, MH and Regen control is a must, but not easy to achieve. Dropping high-low when escaping with the flag is a good way to get through the sometimes frantic middle.

Overall if you enjoy Q3WCP14, but want something faster and more open, then this is your map.

Reviewed by Leone

Ranked: 3.9 out of 5 (9 votes)

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