Saint Tourney 4 - Disposed
by Kaz
Saint Tourney 4 - Disposed by Kaz

A small, dark Tourney map. The setting is a waste disposal station covered with dingy, grayish textures (from shaderlab). Lighting is well used and fairly realistic. Colored lights are nicely used for some item markers. Models like overhead lights (UT2k3-ish), pipes with large valves, chains, and broken floor tiles, as well as 2 custom sounds completes the atmosphere. One of the sounds is an eerie clank on a large pipe: is that your enemy somewhere close by, toying with you?

The layout is a main walkway around a lower area, with side and upper open rooms surrounding it. FFA gameplay focuses around that main walkway as the only way out from the area below (minus rocket jump) is to teleport directly up to the main walkway. This becomes a vicious cycle and more than 3 players grows tiresome. 1 vs 1 play is OK. This is, of course, with bots. Human players may make more of the map. All weapons minus BFG and no powerups. Health is sparse, but a MegaHealth is included. Optimized for CPMA play, with the item layout by swelt.

Nitpicks: There is a black, death pool in the corner turn of a hallway. It is dark, and I guarantee you will fall in it the first time. The Red Armour is up on a ledge: which is easier to get in CPMA. RG up high and close to MH and YA = map ownage.

Good for 1 on 1, or ffa with 3 players.

Reviewed by remnent

Ranked: 4 out of 5 (5 votes)

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