Mourning Palace
Mourning Palace by noctis

A neat, cleanly built Tourney map using Sock's Egyptian textures. As is usual with that set, the architecture has a solid, heavy but occasionally blocky design with precise texture alignment that is attractive to look at. Though eschewing the complex detail often present in industrial or Gothic Tourney maps for example, the methodical marriage of textures to brushes yields simple yet satisfactory visuals and the low detailing keeps the framerate as high as you could want it for Tourney. Lighting is clear and balanced, providing adequate illumination for all important combat areas and items while also bathing the map in atmospheric daylight. This is topped off with a sunny but unobtrusive skybox, also by Sock.

The layout is very clearly divided into two altitudes, the lower being the larger and more complex. Most of this comprises straight, square-cross-sectioned corridors and small courtyards with a weapon or major defence item in each. A pair of Quake1 style teleporters connect opposite corners. Unusually for a Tourney map, the single RL is found in the upper central area, with the RA not too far away. Consequently, the RG, PG, LG and SG are more commonly acquired after spawning and combats often occur from end-to-end of the lower corridors: lightning and rail are especially useful here for those with the skill. Ammo for these guns is easy enough to scoop, sometimes immediately after the weapon itself.

Given that there is only one jump pad, no liquids and no moving parts in the map, motion tracking your opponent is tricky and more a matter of prediction and item control; stealthy players should enjoy this one.

My only gripe with the layout is that there is limited transition between the very clearly divided altitudes; the stairs are relatively easy to defend with the RL. The reciprocal teleporter connects only across the horizontal plane and rocket-jumping is of little use for quick altitude gains since the only item on the upper altitude besides the RL itself is the RA.

Bots play well, especially in the bare corridors, but those who favour the RL may travel the layout more ambitiously.

Though lacking some of the atria-based layout complexity experienced players expect from their Tourneys, this is a confident map with good gameplay.

Reviewed by Kell

Ranked: 3.7 out of 5 (8 votes)

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