Mourning Palace
Mourning Palace by SiLenoZ
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pat howard Rep. 402
#2   13 Jan 2009
I usually stay away from levels that claim a development period of two days, but this one is pretty solid regardless. Texturing could have used a bit more work and geometry is too flat for me. These are not my biggest problems though.

You've got a pretty good layout going here, but the amount of health and the power of the weapons available make the experience pretty mindless and unpredictable. I would take out the red armor and open up one or two of those courtyards. Maybe these changes would provide some much needed strategy. For now, though, too much rocket spamming for me.

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J2KoOl63 unregistered
#1   21 Jan 2005
Well, Mourning Place, to begin with, is a small egyptian map. There are not that many things that I liked about this map except that the bots played well. Everything is was pretty average and maybe a little bad. Nice Try though. Maybe next time...



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